Araspberry in the dark - tales of a lesbian vampire (the pixie chix)

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Pixie Chix - Tales of a Lesbian Vampire

Episode Three







Warning: this story contains explicit descriptions of lesbian sex and more than its fair share of naughty language.


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Copyright 2013 Zephyr Indigo

All rights reserved. Except for the use in any review, the reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means is forbidden without the express permission of the author.

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WAIT HERE,” Mint said.

Felicia stopped. “We’ve arrived, then?”

Mint nodded, then pulled her wings closer to her body and took a few tentative steps forward. She held one hand up behind her. “Wait here,” she repeated.

Felicia complied but peered ahead, trying to determine where the Pixie was going. They were now very near the eastern edge of the forest, and before them the sky was darkening with the approach of night. About twenty feet ahead the trees ended abruptly, but Felicia couldn’t tell what lay beyond.

She looked back, but could only see more trees, their silhouettes dark against the hazy orange glow of the sun. Felicia squinted, trying to see the Pixie that she knew to be there.

“Why did you stop?” Tulip said, sounding quite close. Then one of the shadows shifted and resolved itself into the shape of another petite Pixie, the sunlight making her wings sparkle with gold and blue.

“Mint told me to.”

Tulip exhaled softly. “What does she think we’re hiding from?” She pushed past Felicia. “Come on.”

They walked forward and soon emerged from the forest, revealing before them a vast grassland, deep green in the evening shadows.

The Vale of the Pixies.

It was an enormous valley, covered from edge to distant edge with rolling hills of grass. To Felicia’s right, far to the south, was an enormous, ragged mountain range, its tallest peaks disappearing into the clouds. To her left, perhaps a day’s walk away, was a large expanse of glittering water, possibly the ocean, or maybe an inland sea. And straight ahead, maybe a mile away—

At first Felicia thought it was just a huge, strangely shaped tree, alone and majestic, rising at least two hundred feet into the air.

Then she realized that it was more than a tree. Rising beside it was a structure of some sort, a cylindrical stone outcropping that almost looked like a tower—except even from this distance there was something bizarre and abstract about it.

Perhaps because I can only see the bottom fifty feet or so; above that the tree seems to bend over and swallow it up.

Or is it the tower that’s curving over to hide in the tree?

“That’s… ?” Felicia began, not quite sure how to phrase her what she wanted to ask.

“Yes,” Tulip said. She had stopped to look at the tree as well. “Home.” Then she continued forward to where Mint was huddled behind a cluster of bushes. “What are you doing?” she asked, not trying to hide her irritation.

Mint continued to scan the valley. “I just want to make sure there’s no one around to see us coming.”

“Why? We can’t hope to keep Felicia secret.”

Mint turned to look at Tulip. “I know. I just figure it’s easier to get her in tonight, no questions asked. Tomorrow, once she’s settled…” she trailed off.

Felicia approached the two Pixies. “What’s wrong?”

Tulip gave Mint a frown then looked at Felicia. “Nothing.”

“You’re going to sneak me in?” Felicia guessed.

Tulip, still with a hint of a frown, shook her head. “No, we are not.”

Felicia stared at Tulip.I’ve never found a frown sexy before, but somehow on a Pixie, the mix of cute and serious puts interesting thoughts into my head.

Mint stepped forward. “Well, maybesomesneaking. Just a little.”

“Why?” Felicia asked. “Because I’m not a Pixie?”

“No,” Tulip said, “that doesn’t matter. We’re allowed to bring anyone we want.”

“Well, yes, we’re allowed…” Mint said, “but we never do.”

Tulip eyed the other Pixie suspiciously. “Winter has guests all the time. She had that Witch just last month, and that really loud elf before that.”

“Yes,” Mint agreed reluctantly, “but I never have guests, and neither do you.”


“I just thought… it would be better to avoid…”

Tulip was now staring at Mint intently.

“What?” Mint said, not able to meet Tulip’s gaze. Her wings flapped nervously.

“You were going to sneak her to your room,” Tulip said with a tone of quiet accusation.

“Well… where else would she stay tonight?”

“We set aside a room for her in the Turret. We did that weeks ago.”

“I know, but obviously she can’t sleep there tonight.”

“And why not?”

Mint started to say something, then paused, as if realizing that her reason really didn’t make sense. Then she plunged forward. “It’ll be night by the time we get there. No sense in climbing all the way up in the dark.”

“Felicia can see just as well as we can,” Tulip pointed out.

“And… I thought it might be better to avoid… certain Pixies.”

“Ah,” Tulip said with sudden understanding.

The Pixies turned to look at Felicia, both with thoughtful expressions full of mischief.

“So,” Tulip said, “we should keep her in your room, just to be safe?”

“Yes!” Mint sounded both relieved and excited.

“And I suppose we should lock the door?” There was no question which side of the door Tulip wanted to be on.

“We probably should,” Mint agreed. “Just to keep her safe.”

To her great surprise, Felicia felt a shiver run up her own spine.Have I gone completely mad? I’ve already had the most intense… Pixie sex… of my life today, and now I’m tempted to spend the night locked in Mint’s room with the two of them?

A second shiver, more of a tingle, echoed through her body, this one centred between her legs.

Okay, I’m much more than just tempted.

But Tulip was shaking her head. “Have you forgotten?” she asked Mint.

“What?” The Pixie looked confused, then realization hit. “Oh.”

“What is it?” Felicia asked. “Forgotten what?”

“You need to sleep in your own room,” Tulip said.


“It’s for your own protection,” Mint explained, and Tulip winced slightly.

As if they weren’t supposed to tell me that.

“Protection from what?” Felicia said.

Tulip gave Mint a significant look then faced Felicia. “Ariel told us to give you a room and that you were to sleep in it by yourself.”

“Ariel told you that? Ariel, the Goddess of Pixies?”

Both Pixies nodded.

“And this room is supposed to protect me from…?”

The Pixies looked uncomfortably at each other, but didn’t say anything.

Felicia felt anger growing within her. “Well?”

They looked back at her. “Us,” Tulip said quietly.


“You need to be protected from us,” Tulip explained. “Ariel said that if you were to live among us, you would need a place of your own, completely separate.”

Felicia gave them her most perplexed expression while images flashed through her mind: Pixies at night, transforming into evil beasts.Beware the Werepixies!

Tulip continued. “Ariel says that funny things happen to people when they spend too much time near Pixies.”

“Yes,” Mint said, “and you’re going to be around a lot of us.”

Felicia felt her anger subside. It did make a certain amount of sense. According to fable and gossip, nothing good ever came of a Pixie staying with regular folk for too long. Thus the opposite, one person among many Pixies, could potentially be much worse.

Although it really is hard to imagine anything evil coming from these creatures.“So, if I spend nights in my room, alone, away from any of you, I should be okay?”

Tulip nodded her head. “Ariel thinks so.”

But Mint still looked uneasy. “You don’t agree?” Felicia asked her.

Mint’s eyes darted to Tulip, then back to Felicia. When she spoke the words came out slowly and carefully. “I agree that you should stay in your room at night.”

“Alone,” Tulip added.

“Alone,” Mint agreed sadly.

“In the morning, however…” Tulip began.

Mint immediately brightened. “Yes?”

“I imagine she’ll be feeling quite lonely.”

“She will! And neglected as well!”

Abruptly both Pixies began walking again, at a much quicker pace than before. Mint in particular was practically skipping her way down the hill, all of her concerns for secrecy forgotten.

As if hurrying would bring morning that much sooner.






THEY APPROACHED the Pixie’s home, the strangely entwined tree and Turret.

At least, I hope when Tulip said my room was in the Turret, that she meant the stone structure. I really can’t imagine spending my nights in a tree.

Then again, looking at the strangeness of the Turret, it didn’t exactly look like a place Felicia would sleep either.It’s as if sometime long ago there was a tree beside a rock, and something grabbed them both and stretched them up into the sky, spinning them together like pieces of taffy.

“We think that it was once a Mage’s Tower,” Tulip said, noting Felicia’s bemusement.

“A Mage’s Tower? You mean it was built to look like that on purpose?”

Both Pixies laughed. “Only if the builders were insane,” Mint said.

“You’ll see,” Tulip assured her. “Inside it looks like it was once a normal tower, but then something went wrong. It was like this when we found it, twisted and abandoned.”

“And you think it belonged to a Mage?”

Tulip shrugged. “Who else could mess up something this badly?”

They continued to approach the tree. It was quickly getting dark, but the air remained pleasant, and the short grass beneath Felicia’s feet still felt warm from the day of sunshine. She was barefoot, having left her winter shoes and most of her clothing back where she had first crossed the curtain.

The Pixies, of course, had tried to convince her to leave all of her clothing behind. “A fresh start,” Mint had said.

But Felicia wasn’t quite ready to walk about naked just yet.

The scary thing is that I considered it. I actually considered walking around without a speck of clothing.

Even so, she was still about as close to naked as she could be and still be wearing clothes, just her white linen undergarments, things that weren’t really meant to be seen by anyone. They loosely covered her torso, but not much else.

Felicia looked down at herself. Even in the lessening light, the outline of her nipples was still visible under the fabric.

They’ve been erect since I arrived here. It’s like my body wants everyone to know that I’m ready… to be touched… and licked… again.

Tulip’s wing brushed gently against her arm, and Felicia looked down at the Pixie walking beside her.I could ask her to play with my nipples. She and Mint would have me on the ground and coming in seconds. I could just lie back in the grass and stare at the sky and let them pleasure me all night, maybe forever.

It excited her terribly, the thought of completely giving her body to the Pixies, but she couldn’t let herself ask.

Fuck. I really need to think about something else!So with a final lingering thought of Pixie tongues slowly sliding over and into her, she cleared her throat.

“Hmm?” Mint said.

“How many Pixies live here?” Felicia said, indicating the tree and hoping her voice didn’t give away where her thoughts had been.Of course, Pixie thoughts are always there anyway, so why am I worried?

Well, none or lots, it depends,” Mint answered. “There are probably about twenty of us here right now.”

“Pixies are a wandering bunch,” Tulip explained, “We call this Home, but very few of us stay here more than a few weeks a year.”

“Tulip is always almost here,” Mint said, “and a few others. I suppose I’ve been here a lot lately too, preparing for you.”

“For me?”

Mint looked at her. “Not you specifically, not exactly; I’ve been helping Ariel with her big plan for a couple years, but I didn’t know about you until that first night Ariel sent me to meet you.”

“Is Ariel here?” Felicia asked.

“No,” Tulip said.

“TULIP!” Mint exclaimed.

Tulip laughed. “Yes, Arielsaysthat she’s always here, invisibly watching over us.”

“Sheishere,” Mint affirmed. “Always.”

“Maybe, but I wouldn’t expect to actually see her.”

Mint scowled at the other Pixie, but then turned her gaze back forward. “She is here,” she said again, quietly. “Always.”

Tulip gave Felicia a maybe-but-I-doubt-it look. “Anyway, when I left here this morning, there were about a dozen other Pixies. I imagine that you’ll be meeting them all tomorrow.”

“Meeting?” There was something about the way she said that word.

Mint giggled, her pique evaporating.

“No,” Tulip said, “I don’t mean that there’s going to be a giant orgy of any sort. I expect most of them will be like I was, curious, but scared to get close to you.”

“Okay,” Felicia said, feeling relieved. She wasn’t sure if she could handle a group of Pixies. Two at a time had worked well, but more than that was more than her imagination could handle.

For now, at least.

“Winter on the other hand…” Tulip said with mock innocence.

“Winter’s here?” Mint said, her pique instantly returning.

“She arrived a few days ago.”

Mint didn’t say anything, but her footsteps got louder, as if she were stomping the grass beneath her feet.

“Who’s Winter?” Felicia asked.

“Just another Pixie,” Tulip said.

“A Bitchie, more like it,” Mint muttered, just loud enough to hear.

Tulip sighed and didn’t say anything.

They walked in near silence for a few minutes until Felicia couldn’t stand the tension any more. “So, I should avoid Winter then?”

Mint snorted. “Good luck with that.”

“What does that mean?”

“Your face will be between her legs before noon tomorrow,” Mint said. “Maybe even before we finish breakfast. She might even be your breakfast.”

“You’re exaggerating,” Tulip said.

“Am I?” Mint replied archly. “You really think Felicia can resist?”

“No, not in the slightest, but we’re going to be quite busy tomorrow. I doubt Winter will be able to pull Felicia away from us that easily.”

Mint shook her head. “Noon, tomorrow, at the latest. Our Vampire friend will have Winter’s legs wrapped her head.”

“Wait!” Felicia interjected. “Don’t I have any say in this? I may be addicted to Pixies, but I’m sure I could resist the advances of one Pixie.”

“Could you?” Mint asked. “If I told you how wet my pussy is right now, could you resist?”

“Yes, if I had to, for a while.”

“How long? How many seconds?”

“No, I’m sure I could last longer than that.”

“Really? Even if you knew I was lying in the next room, legs spread, pussy warm and wet and waiting for your tongue to slip inside me?”

“Yes,” Felicia said, but her voice wavered.

“And what if I were another Pixie, one that you hadn’t tasted yet? What if I was the most beautiful creature you had ever seen, and I was begging you to make me come, just once.”

“Yes!” Felicia repeated, louder than she intended. She knew no one believed her.

“And I’ll tell you a secret. Even though I don’t particularly like Winter, she is by far the most beautiful woman that I have ever met.”

At least here Felicia felt of firmer ground. “I’ve met beautiful women before. I can resist them.”

“I’m sure you can, but can I ask you a question?”


“Because when you see Winter, she will make sure this question lingers in your head…” Mint trailed off.

“Fine,” Felicia said, mentally bracing herself. “Ask.”

“The most beautiful Pixie in the world… what does her pussy look like? And better, what does she taste like?”

Felicia didn’t say anything; those were exactly the sort of questions that would torment her.

“And the best question is…” Mint continued, “how long can you resist finding out?”






THEY REACHED the tree without further discussion. The sun was now fully set, and the moon had yet to rise, leaving a cloudless sky full of stars. Even so, there was more than enough light for Felicia to see, even here in the shadow of the tree.

The tree…

From a distance she had seen that it was huge, but now, up close, it was overwhelming. The trunk itself was massive and easily twenty feet across, while the lower boughs, which were far above Felicia’s reach, extended out in ever direction for at least a hundred feet more. However, there was more to the tree than just what could beseen:Felicia couldfeelthe tree, feel its age, feel the weight of thousands of branches and uncountable leaves.

And beside the tree was the stone structure, the Turret. Here it was completely separate, standing alongside the tree but not touching it, extending high up into the branches. It looked like nothing Felicia had ever seen before: not purposefully made, yet not natural either.

The Pixies lead her to the base of the tree and started walking upward. Felicia was startled at first, but then realized there was a series of small branches that acted as steps. She put her foot tentatively on the first one and found it to be firm, and as she took a few steps forward she was surprised to find that, despite their organic nature, the branches felt almost exactly like a regular flight of stairs. She followed the Pixies as they slowly circled the trunk and soon found herself in the tree’s canopy, surrounded by branches and leaves. It was much darker now.

Thankfully, I haven’t lost my night vision. I might not be drinking blood, but I’m still a Vampire.

That thought brought a hollow, heavy feeling to her chest.I’m still a Vampire.

Then she looked up at Tulip, who was just a few steps ahead, her wings shimmering in the dark, casting a pale blue light on her pert bottom and bare legs. The heaviness in Felicia’s heart evaporated leaving a suggestive warmth behind.

Nothing like looking at a Pixie to cheer you up.

They continued upward. Soon the stairway separated from the trunk of the tree to meander through the thick branches, often splitting in different directions, left and right, up and down. They almost always took the left and upward paths, but even so, Felicia felt quite lost and knew that finding her way back to the ground would be a challenge. Fortunately, Mint was leading the way and appeared to know exactly where she was going.

At one fork they took a rare right turn, and Felicia looked up the path to the left. There, for a moment, she saw another Pixie.

Her heart fluttered.Was that Winter? She was beautiful, but was she the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen?

Probably not.

Yet, a part of her wasn’t so sure.

“Who was that?” she said, her voice coming out as a whisper.

Tulip stopped and a moment later Mint did as well. “Who?”

“The Pixie, down the other path. Was that Winter?”

“Where?” Tulip asked. “I didn’t see anyone.”

“Me neither,” Mint said. “What colour were her hair and wings?”

Felicia had to think about it. The Pixie’s face had drawn so much of her attention that she hadn’t even noticed. “Red, maybe deep pinkish.” Even though she could see well, colours were difficult to distinguish in the dark.

“Huh,” Tulip said. “Well, it definitely wasn’t Winter; her hair and wings are such a deep black that they’re almost blue.” She pursed her lips in thought. “As for red… there’s Dash, but I haven’t seen her in months.”

“What about Cinnamon?” Mint suggested. “Isn’t she still here?”

“Yes, and she’s a rusty colour, almost red.”

“No,” Felicia said. “It was more than ‘almost’ red.”

“What about Clover?” Mint said. “She has red hair sometimes.”

“No, she’s been purple for a while now.” Tulip looked closely at Felicia. “What made you think it was Winter?”

Felicia shrugged. “She was beautiful, and you said Winter was beautiful.”

“Oh,” Mint said, “is that all?” She suddenly spread her wings and flapped them dramatically, radiating bright green sparkly light on everything around her. Then she looked directly at Felicia and gave her an inviting look of such intensity that the Vampire took an involuntary step forward.

“I think,” Mint said as if correcting a child, “you’ll find that every single one of us is beautiful.”

Tulip gave Mint an amused look then faced Felicia. “She’s right, but don’t worry; when you see Winter, you’ll know who she is.”

Felicia didn’t say anything, but nodded her understanding. The image of the pink-haired Pixie was still floating in her mind.

How much more beautiful could Winter be?






HIGHER AND HIGHER they travelled, still choosing left at almost every fork, gradually spiralling up around the tree. The stone structure was nowhere to be seen, lost in all the leaves, but Felicia assumed that it was always nearby, somewhere close to the trunk.

They encountered three other Pixies. The first was a purple-winged girl with long blonde hair. She was working her way downward, and stopped when she saw Mint and Tulip.

“Hi,” she said to them, but really only the initial ‘huh’ sound came out as she saw Felicia.

“Hi Daffs,” Tulip said brightly as if nothing was amiss. “This is our friend Felicia.”

The Pixie just stared at the Vampire with wide, gorgeous eyes.

“Felicia, this is Daffodil. She’s normally very chatty. I’m not sure what’s wrong with her.”

Felicia briefly considered giving Daffodil a big smile that would show off her fangs, but decided to play nice and instead just gave her a friendly wave. “Hi, Daffodil.”

Daffodil didn’t seem prepared to say anything.

Tulip stepped closer to the new Pixie and whispered something into her ear. Daffodil’s eyes widened even more and her gaze slipped to Felicia’s lips. Then she averted her eyes and started walking again, quickly moving past Felicia, keeping her distance as much as the narrow path would allow.

“What did you say to her?” Felicia asked when blonde Pixie was out of earshot.

“Nothing really. Something about teeth and nipples.”

“What?” Mint said, confused. Evidently, Tulip hadn’t shared any details about her encounter with Felicia’s teeth.

Tulip giggled. “I happen to know that she likes to have her nipples nibbled.” She gave the Vampire a very serious look. “I’d take it as a personal favour if you make her beg for it.”

“Uh, okay,” was all Felicia could think of to say.

A few minutes later two other Pixies, walking hand in hand, hurried past them. The pair said hi to Mint and Tulip, gave Felicia a couple of giggles, and were gone.

“Minuet and Meadow,” Tulip said. “In case you were curious.”

“And yes,” Mint added, “you’ll probably need to have them both at the same time. There’s not much that can separate them.”

Finally, they reached a fork that was different from all the others. To the right, the path continued up but at a steeper angle. To the left was the stone structure and a moderate sized opening. Not a doorway, but a tall, narrow window. Mint and Tulip wrapped their wings around themselves and slid through with a minimum of difficulty. Felicia turned herself sideways and followed. The window was a couple feet taller than her, but just barely wide enough, and she scraped both her heels as she passed through.

“Ouch!” she complained when she reached the other side. They were standing on stone stairs that curved down to the left and up to the right. She inspected her feet and was relieved to find only minor abrasions. “This is what I get for leaving my shoes behind.”

“We’ll find some for you tomorrow,” Mint assured her. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, I’ll be fine.” Felicia looked up the stairs. Along the outer wall were shallow sconces, each holding a flickering candle. They were spaced about ten feet apart, so she could see two of them and a hint of a third before the stairs curved out of sight. “Please tell me that we’re not still going up!”

“Sorry,” Tulip said as she started walking. “It’s not much farther though.”

They circled upward. At first there was no way to tell that this was the same structure that had looked so haphazard on the outside. From the smooth stairs to the curved walls and the arched ceiling, everything was perfectly crafted. Dwarves must have built it; no one else could work stone in such a manner, with every block flawlessly bonded to its neighbour and no sign of mortar or any suggestion of gaps.

Then things got weird.

It began with a subtle twisting of the entire passageway so that the steps were no longer horizontal, their tilt forcing Felicia and the Pixies to hold onto the inner wall as they climbed. Then, after another twenty steps, the passage took a seemingly unplanned sharp turn to the left. The stones here were stretched and warped, almost as if they had melted at some point. Then a few steps later everything looked normal again.

Now they started passing wooden doors on the left leading toward the centre of the structure, and more of the narrow windows opening outside like the one they had used when they first entered. These, however, didn’t seem usable as pathways back out to the tree.

And then, after way too many steps, they emerged into an open area: a large circular room furnished with a large table, several chairs and a long couch covered in an array of colourful cushions. The stone stairs ended here, but in the centre of the room was a metal staircase that made a tight spiral up to the floor above.

Tulip sat at the table and gave a relieved sigh. “We can rest here a bit,” she said, grabbing an apple from the bowl of fruit on the table. Mint followed suit.

Felicia suddenly realized that she hadn’t eaten since early in the morning on the other side of the world. She sat across from the Pixies and grabbed an orange speckled pear that looked delicious. “Is my room upstairs?” she asked, then took her first bite, revelling in the explosion of tangy juices.

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