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Blown away

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Blown Away

Book Eight in theNashville Nights Next Generation Series


Cheryl Douglas


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AidenCooper –Josh and Lexi’s son / Next Generation, Book Two, TradeOff

BriannaCooper –Josh and Lexi’s daughter / Next Generation, BookThree, Game On

Ava Cooper–Jay and Victoria’s daughter / Next Generation, Book Eight,Blown Away



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J.T. McCall–J.T. and Derek’s brother / Nashville Nights, Book Five,Relentless

NikkiSpencer – McCall –J.T.’s wife / Nashville Nights, Book Five,Relentless

LaurenMcCall -J.T. and Nikki’s daughter / Next Generation, BookSeven, Face Value

DerekMcCall –J.T. and Derek’s brother / Nashville Nights, Book Six,Heartless

AshleyMcCall –Derek’s wife, Jay and Mike Cooper’s mother / NashvilleNights, Book Six, Heartless






Book Eight–Blown Away


Ava Cooperowns a successful dating service. Her life`s work is to connectpeople and hope they`ll fall in love, but she isn`t looking for hersoul mate. On the contrary, she`s a busy professional with a fulllife. She has a great family, friends, and a cute little dog whofollows her wherever she goes. When she gets a private message froma man who`s intrigued by her profile, she`s knows her assistant,Tara, is to blame. Tara`s determined to help her boss find a man,apparently against her will. But Ava isn’t taking the bait.

When BrentArmstrong`s brother emails him a link to a dating website, heassumes he’s just giving him grief again, but when Ava`s pictureappeared on his screen, he can’t breathe. He knows that woman. Hetries to get her out of his head, but when that doesn’t work, hedecides to swallow his pride and send her a private message, hopingshe`ll remember him. When she doesn’t respond, he has a choice tomake. Should he let it go, or give her a friendly reminder of thenight she rocked his world?


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About theAuthor



Ten Years Earlier


Ava Cooper was cursingbody shots and bad ideas when she stumbled into her best friend’sbedroom. She’d vowed she would leave her problems behind, but shehadn’t intended to go so far. She was a good girl, a smart girl.Good girls didn’t drink too much, kiss random strangers, andproposition sexy men.

What if he tookher up on her offer? She glanced at the door. Why hadn’t Tara beensmart enough to install a lock? Because she hadn’t needed one. Shewas too smart to get herself into a mess like this. TheJack-and-Jill bathroom gave Ava an escape route, but before shecould stumble across the room and lock herself in it, the bedroomdoor inched open.

He stood therelooking like every woman’s naughty fantasy, and Ava suddenlyremembered why she’d propositioned him. She was nineteen and tiredof being a virgin. The nice boys she usually dated couldn’t fulfillthe fantasies that were starting to keep her awake at night. Onlyan older man who promised multiple orgasms with just onebody-tingling glance could properly initiate her into the wonderfulworld of sex.

He swept hischocolate brown eyes over the room as though he half-expected herbodyguard to jump out of the closet. “I thought you might havechanged your mind.” He treated her to that yummy smirk that madenaïve, young girls like her squirm.

Ava knew himwell… Brent Armstrong was the older brother of one her classmatesand a graduate student pursuing his M.B.A. Ava, and every othergirl she knew, had been salivating over him all year, but they werejustfriends. She never would have found the nerve to try toseduce him without a little help from her friends, Tara andSmirnoff.

Tara had beenher best friend since middle school. She always told Ava to live alittle, take chances once in a while, get her head out of her booksand discover the world around her. Ava was determined to take herfriend’s advice tonight. She wanted her first time to beunforgettable, and Brent practically came with a writtenguarantee.

“Why would Ichange my mind?” she asked, easing onto the edge of the bed.Ohgod, am I being too easy? Maybe he likes a challenge.Shethought about getting up, but since she didn’t trust herself towalk a straight line, she remained seated and hoped he would joinher.

Brent handedher a large mug. “Drink.”

She frowned.Was he trying to ply her with alcohol to wear down her defenses?Didn’t he realize that was overkill? Short of tearing her clothesoff, she didn’t know what else she could say or do to prove shewanted this to happen.

“What is it?”She wrinkled her nose when the familiar aroma assailed her nose.“You know I don’t drink coffee.” They’d spent enough time togetherat the campus café for Brent to know she drank herbal tea.

“You dotonight.”

Bossy, wasn’the? Ava couldn’t decide how she felt about that. She was used togentle, respectful men who always deferred to her and her wishes.Instead of arguing, Ava asked, “Why are you giving me coffeeinstead of vodka?”

“Why the hellwould I give you more alcohol?” he asked between gritted teeth.“That’s clearly the last thing you need.” He crossed the small roomas he ran his hands over his cropped, dark hair.

Ava watched themuscles in his back bunch under his long-sleeved T-shirt.Irresistible. That was the word that came to mind every timeshe looked at him. He was tall with broad shoulders, a narrowwaist, and powerful legs. She was willing to bet he could go allnight. Biting her lip, she drank her fill of him. Her eyes made afeast of traveling up and down his body.

“Quit lookingat me like that,” he growled.

Ava looked up,startled by his harsh tone, even she was more startled when she wastrapped by his heated gaze. He wanted her as much as she wantedhim, but he was fighting it. Why? “Why don’t you sit down? You’remaking me nervous, pacing like that,” she said.

He faced her,setting his hands on his hips as he glared at her. “You should benervous. What the hell were you thinking, asking me to come uphere?”

Is heserious?Apparently so, because there wasn’t a hint of a smileon his face. “Um, I was thinking we could have some fun.”OhGod, did I really just say that?What kind of girl would hethink she was? The kind who invited some random man into her bestfriend’s bedroom to ravage her with dozens of drunk people partyingdownstairs.

His pupils grewlarger, the rim of brown almost disappearing. “Were you thinkingyou’d like to have a little fun with Smyth too?”

Smyth. The guyshe’d kissed. Her stomach roiled just thinking about his fumblinghands as he tried to shove his tongue down her throat. “Um,no.”

“Then why thehell did you let him kiss you like that? You can’t lead a guy likehim on without consequences, little girl.”

“Who’re youcalling a little girl?” She thrust out her chest to prove herpoint. She hadn’t looked like a little girl since the sixth gradewhen she was the first one in her class to don a training bra.

“You’re way outof your league with that guy.”

“I suppose I’mout of my league with you too?” Ava was pleasantly surprised hervoice didn’t sound as though she’d swallowed a mouthful of cottonballs. She could handle her booze pretty well for alightweight.

Brent rolledhis eyes. “You have no idea, sweetness.” He looked at the mugclutched tightly between her hands. “Drink up.”

“I said I don’tdrink coffee.”

“And I said Idon’t care.”

Apparentlyeverything she’d heard about his reputation was true. Dominant.Arrogant. An expert between the sheets…? That remained to be seen,and given the tension in the room, Ava began to question whethershe would ever prove or disprove that rumor. “Why do you want me todrink the coffee?”

“So you’llremember this in the morning.”

Ava quicklyswallowed the strong, tepid liquid. He was right. If he was goingto indulge her fantasies, she didn’t want to forget a single secondof it.

“Good girl,” hesaid, nodding his approval. “Now tell me what the hell possessedyou to get shit-faced at your girlfriend’s party?”

“I am not-”

“Don’t even tryto deny it. I saw how much you had to drink. You must weigh ahundred and ten pounds on a good day. No way could you drink thatmuch and be unaffected.”

One hundredand thirteen pounds, thank you very much.“I don’t have toexplain myself to you.” She watched him over the rim of her cup.Hmm, this coffee tasted pretty good. Maybe her friends were rightabout it.

“You do, andyou will.”

That guy wastoo much. Maybe she should have sought out his brother instead. Atleast Keith didn’t have Brent’s attitude. Of course, he didn’t havethose ridiculously broad shoulders either. “I just wanted to have alittle fun tonight.”

He crossed hisarms, causing his sleeves to stretch over bulging biceps. “And youneed to get loaded and have sex to have fun?” She didn’t answer.Should she tell him the truth about it being her first time, orwould that scare him off? “You shouldn’t have to think about it.Just answer the question.”

“I… uh… neverdrink or…” She brought the mug to her lips, praying he wouldn’tnotice the crimson stain on her cheeks.

“Or…” Hegestured for her to continue. “You never what?”

“I’ve never hadsex.” She spit the words out, hoping she wouldn’t be as mortifiedif she said it quickly.

He ran a handover the stubble covering his jaw before pressing his thumb andforefinger into his closed eyes. “Then what the hell are you doing?Why did you invite me up here?”

“I can’t stay avirgin forever!” She thought that much would have been obvious, butjudging by his stunned expression, it was anything but.

“You don’t justjump into bed with some guy at a party after saving yourself for…”He frowned. “How old are you again?”

“I’ll be twentynext month.”

He sighed andtipped his head back. “You need to keep saving yourself for theright guy. Someone who loves you and appreciates you.”

She was tiredof saving herself for Mr. Right. Her body was demanding she takeaction. Now. If Mr. Armstrong couldn’t rise to the challenge, shewould find someone who could. She had plenty of male friendsdownstairs, and if they weren’t interested, surely someone at theparty would be.

When she jumpedup and set her mug on the dresser, Brent asked, “Where do you thinkyou’re going?”

“Downstairs.”She reached for the door handle. “I’m obviously wasting my timewith you. I’ll just find someone else who’s actually interested inme.”

Brent moved inand slammed his palm into the door above her head. “You’re notgoing anywhere.”




Brent wastrying so hard to be good, but since “good” was the antithesis ofwho he was, it wasn’t easy. He’d been interested in Ava Cooper formonths. Every time he spotted that long blond hair in a crowd, hisbody jumped to attention. But she was young. Too young. And evenmore innocent than he’d suspected. A virgin. God help him.

“I should warnyou, I’m a black belt in karate,” she said nervously.

He pressed hisbody into hers, deeply inhaling her berry-scented shampoo. She wasso sweet, so innocent. So perfect for him. “You really think I’dtry to force you to do something you don’t want to do?”

Brent wasactually relieved she could defend herself. She was half his size,and if he’d been serious about taking what she was offering, shewould have found fighting him off difficult, especially with histraining as a martial artist. That was a line he would never cross,but he knew dozens of guys downstairs would gladly take her up onher offer and get seriously pissed if she tried to back out at thelast minute.

“No.” Shecovered his hand with hers as she rolled her hips, pressing herbottom into his arousal. “You’re turned on.”

He had beensince he caught sight of her in those snug, low-rise blue jeans,thigh-high boots, and cropped black sweater. The only thing hecould think about was peeling it all off, but he couldn’t takeadvantage of her. She’d had too much to drink and she was offeringhim something precious, something she’d been guarding for a longtime.

“So am I. Iwant you. I’ve wanted you for a long time.” She moved her platinumblond hair aside and tipped her head, exposing more of her neck.Brent had carefully ignored the sexual tension brewing between thembecause a girl like Ava would run for cover if she ever caught aglimpse of his dark side. “I was hoping you’d be here tonight.”

He hadn’tintended to come to the party, but his brother had asked him to behis designated driver. “Ava…”

“Touch me,” shewhispered.

Her plea drewhim in like the lure of a drug he knew would be his downfall. Brentslid his free hand over her bare abdomen. He was losing control.Her soft, warm skin made him want to uncover every mouth-wateringinch of her taut little body.

She turned intohis arms, looping her arms around his neck. “Kiss me.”

Her eyelidswere heavy, concealing the bright blue eyes he loved to get lostin. If she were sober, this would have been a no-brainer, but herefused to be her morning-after regret.One kiss.He toldhimself he would indulge in one kiss, because he would neverforgive himself for passing up the opportunity to find out if shetasted as delicious as she looked.

As soon astheir lips met, he got lost in her. Reason disappeared as he fistedher hair, sanity slipped away with the slow slide of her tongueagainst his, and good intentions died a fiery death when shewrapped her legs around his waist.

He walkedbackward to the bed, praying she would find the sense he’d lost anddemand he stop before they took this too far. But she deepened thekiss, and he knew he couldn’t walk away. It was crazy, but hewanted to be her first lover. He wanted to be the man who showedher how incredible sex could be when she gave herself over to thepassion and let her body guide her in to oblivion.

“Brent,” shewhispered, sliding her hands under his shirt, as greedy as he wasto banish the barriers between them.

Clothes wereflying before his conscience could tell him to stand down. She wasnaked and spread out on the bed, looking like the cover girl in oneof his brother’s favorite magazines, and he was falling deeper inlust with every breath. Ava shocked him by cupping her fullbreasts, squeezing and pulling her nipples on a deep moan ofsatisfaction. His mouth went dry. He may never let her out of thisroom. He’d keep her here, captive, a prisoner to her own body untilhe had his fill of her... which he suspected may never happen.

Her eyes fellto his erection, and she flicked her tongue over her lower lipbefore closing her eyes and letting her hand drift lower, over herstomach, to the apex of her thighs. “On no, you don’t,” he said,climbing on top of her. He pinned her arms beside her head. Hesnared her in his gaze. “I’m calling the shots tonight. If that’snot what you want, you’re free to leave.” Though he feared lettingher go may kill him. Her eyes mapped his body, unabashedly takingin every dip and plane, especially the defined abdominal musclesflexing with every subtle movement. “I’m waiting. If you’re not upfor this, I’ll take you home right now. No harm done.”Notwithstanding the effect of spending the rest of the nightstanding under a cold shower.

“I do wantthis.” She slipped her thigh between his legs, rubbing his arousal.“I want you.”

Brent knew hehad to restrain her or he would embarrass himself. He’d been havingsex for almost fifteen years, but he couldn’t remember ever beingso turned on. He needed to be respectful of the fact that this washer first time. He intended to worship every inch of her delectablebody until she was pleading for mercy. He reached for the chainshooked onto his belt loops. Most people assumed they were a fashionaccessory, but they served a different purpose.

Her eyeswidened when he slipped the chains over her wrists. “What are youdoing?”

“What does itlook like I’m doing?”

Her eyes dartedup, following his actions. “Um… I’m not sure about this.”

“I’d die beforeI’d hurt you, Ava.” When Brent was satisfied she couldn’t use herhands to drive him crazy, he imparted his sweet torture. He feastedon her from the dip in her collarbone to the shell of her ear. Shewas already panting, and he was just getting warmed up. He hoped hesurvived this.


The way shesaid his name, as though she was desperate for him, was almost morethan he could stand. She’d stoked his hunger months ago, when hefirst spotted her talking to his brother outside of their Englishclass. An animalistic impulse he couldn’t explain swept through himthe first time their eyes collided, and he knew he had to have her.Exactly like this. Pinned under him, at his mercy, ready to giveherself over to his every demand.

“Remember whatI said,” he whispered hoarsely, dipping his tongue into her ear. “Isay when.”

She rolled herhips and squeezed her eyes shut. “But I’m so close…”

He knew thelonger he made her wait, the more intense her orgasm would be, andhe intended to draw the first one out until she was ready to clawhis eyes out in frustration. He inched down and cupped her breasts.When he looked up, her eyes were closed and she was whimpering andwrithing beneath him. Exactly the way he wanted her. He didn’t justlick her soft mounds; he devoured them. He was starving for her andhe intended to take everything she had to give and make her beg formore. He would ruin her for other men. She wouldn’t be able tothink about taking another lover once he was finished.

Ava’s handssqueezed into tight fists and her entire body was rigid. “I had noidea… ahhh…”

He planned tointroduce her to her body in a way she’d never known it, show herpleasure beyond her wildest fantasies. It made him crazy to thinkhe could send her over the edge just like this. Her breasts werespectacular, probably the best he’d ever seen, and he could gladlypay homage to them all night, but her initiation had juststarted.

“Brent, Ineed…”

He looked intoeyes so full of need he was nearly rendered speechless. “Are yousure about this? If you’re not, we don’t take this anyfurther.”

“Don’t dothis.” Her blue eyes widened in panic. “Don’t tease me.”

“I’m notteasing you, sweetheart.” He caresses her until she relaxed. “Ijust don’t want you to have any regrets.” Sex with Ava was thestart of a relationship, and the last thing he needed was for herto run scared when they woke up together tomorrow.

“Don’t leave melike this. Please.”

Was sheserious? “Baby, I’m not going anywhere and neither are you. I justwant your first time to be everything you want it to be.”

She flicked aglance overhead. “Why did you restrain me?”

“Because thisisn’t about my pleasure. It’s about yours. I don’t want you to eventhink about touching me.”

“It doesn’thave anything to do with control?” She gasped when he slid a fingerinside of her.

“It does. Thecontrol you have over me.” He watched with satisfaction as hermouth fell open and she grinded into his hand. “I’m afraid if I letyou touch me, I might lose my mind.”

“Oh… I… uh…”She tossed her head from side to side when he eased another fingerinside of her.

“God, you don’tknow what you’re doing to me. My sweet Ava.” He leaned in andkissed her, matching his tongue to his fingers. “You’re making mecrazy.” He deepened the kiss as he circled the delicate bundle ofnerves with his thumb. He’d been half-crazy for the woman formonths. She’d finally given herself to him, and he wanted to keepher all to himself. When she continued moaning, failing toacknowledge him, he nipped her bottom lip to get her attention.“Tell me how you’re feeling right now.”

“What?” Hereyes looked cloudy as though she was drunk on lust. “Oh… yes…” Hereyes slid closed again. “Incredible.” Satisfied with her response,he kissed her neck as his fingers continued to work their magic.“Oh… I’m going to…”

“No, you’renot,” he said, withdrawing his hand. Brent smiled when she scowled.She was feisty. He was so going to enjoy that.

“What the hellkind of game are you playing, Armstrong?”

He droppedgentle kisses on her shoulder, encouraging her to relax again. “Iwant you to let me set the pace, baby. Just for tonight. I want toease you into this.”

Ava looked downher naked body. “This isn’t fair.”

“I’m going togive you everything you want and so much more…” He laid down besideher, brushing her hair off her face. “Soon.”

“I’m tired ofwaiting,” she groaned. “I want you inside of me. Now.”

Brent washarder than he’d ever been, and her plea only intensified hisstate. He’d never wanted anything as much as he wanted her, but hehad to rein himself in. He prided himself on being in control…always. He controlled his body and his impulses, not the other wayaround.

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