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Dragon hunted (page 4)

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Ashe settled to his knees between Katsu's thighs, one hand on each leg. This was more like it. Ashe licked the inside of one thigh, leaving tiny nips and gentle kisses, listening to Katsu's words pour over him in an unfamiliar language. Hands grabbed for him, then finally tightened on his shoulders as he breathed over Katsu's cock.

It wasnotincompatible. It was thicker than his own, shorter, and framed by soft black hair. He flicked his tongue over the head, tracing the flare and the veins along the shaft. Katsu thrust toward him, and Ashe tightened his grip to keep Katsu still. Then he licked again, a long, slow stroke, nuzzling in close at the junction of thigh and pelvis. Finally, he pulled back and wrapped his mouth around Katsu's cock, sliding down it slowly and sucking. Katsu gasped and clung to him, urging him deeper and faster. Ashe refused, breathing carefully through his nose, tasting Katsu's skin, driving him insane. He loosened his throat and sank all the way down, groaning as Katsu filled his mouth. He could feel Katsu coming unraveled around him, from the scratching on his shoulders to the tightening of Katsu's legs. Giving in, he pulled back and sank down again, sucking Katsu's cock in quick, deep strokes.

It didn't take long before Katsu's words choked off, hands grabbing at Ashe's hair. Ashe pulled away as Katsu came, wrapping his hand around Katsu's dick and pumping, catching the come with his other hand. Once empty, Katsu gasped and twitched, eyes glazed. Ashe stood with his hand slick with come, pulled Katsu up, and turned the other man quickly. He pressed Katsu against the boulder again, this time stomach-first, and slid his hand along Katsu's ass. His cock throbbed, hard between his legs, dripping precome. With one slick finger he pushed against Katsu's hole, leaning forward to press his chest against Katsu's spine.

"Can I just -- please?" He pushed again, and felt the tip of his finger slide in.

Katsu groaned and scrabbled for purchase on the boulder, nodding loosely.

Ashe pushed his finger in the rest of the way, closing his eyes to savor the feeling. Post-orgasm, Katsu stayed relaxed enough to take it even when a flutter of muscles told Ashe the medic would have tightened up. Despite being relaxed, though, he was tight. Ashe swore and added another finger, thrusting gently against Katsu's hip. He couldn't wait to be inside, to sheath himself in that lithe body and feel Katsu's pulse right there on his cock. He pushed three fingers in, as deep as he could go, listening to the way Katsu gasped with every motion. Carefully, he pulled his fingers out and lined his cock up, spreading Katsu to see what he was doing before pushing forward. The tip of his cock stretched Katsu slowly, drawing a small noise from the back of Katsu's throat. Katsu moved away from Ashe's cock a moment before rocking back, pushing onto it. Ashe cursed as his head slid in, Katsu hot and tight around him.

With one hand on Katsu's shoulder and the other on Katsu's hip, he pushed in deeper, waiting for Katsu to stop him if it got to be too much. He knew his shaft was long, that often men couldn't take the whole thing. Katsu said nothing, just arched and pushed back with little movements that took Ashe in bit by bit until he was buried balls deep. Ashe leaned forward, pressing himself against Katsu's back, and began to thrust.

Katsu gasped and thrust back, taking him completely. "Fucking Moran--" Ashe cried, and grabbed Katsu's hips, shifting to spread the medic's legs and get that much farther inside. When Katsu cried out in pleasure rather than protest, Ashe began to fuck Katsu fast and hard. He linked his fingers with Katsu's, arms stretched in front of them both, and pounded.

It didn't take long, sheathed in that tight body. Orgasm built in his thighs. His balls tightened, and he thrust twice, hard and deep, before emptying himself into Katsu with a strangled cry.

He leaned his forehead between Katsu's shoulder blades, catching his breath, listening to Katsu do the same. Finally, with a supreme effort, he pulled himself away and carefully pulled himself out.

Katsu hissed as Ashe's cock came free, then sagged onto the boulder. Ashe couldn't be sure, but he thought he heard Katsu mumble, "Took you long enough to make a move."

He snorted a laugh, then stumbled to his heap of clothing and debated dressing. "You disguised your interest well." Clothes? Or another bath? Definitely another bath. He waded back into the water.

"I'm not celibate. Don't know why you couldn't figure that out."

Ashe grinned, recognizing Katsu's strange affection, and looked back. Katsu was straightening slowly, taking small steps toward the river. He kneeled at the water's edge, cupping his hands to fill them and then wiping himself down. If he did that long enough, Ashe had no doubt that they'd both be ready for round two. It was worth consideration. Sure, the sun was going down and they'd have to find their way back in the dark, but--

"Dragon ahoy!"

He leaped out of the river, scrabbling for his clothes. Screw his clothes. He could get more clothes. He dashed for the forest, instead, and got ten steps before he realized that Katsu hadn't followed -- and someone was laughing.

Annoyed, Ashe stopped and looked around. Eddie grinned at him from the cave entrance, which had a good view of everything they'd been doing. "How long've you been up there?" Ashe called, bracing his hands on his waist and throwing his chest out.

"Long enough. You two getting physical, huh?"

Katsu cut off any retort Ashe might have given. "What happened to the dragon?"

"Townies didn't want it, but they did tell us about a dragon-whisperer local who'll buy it."

They were all quiet for a minute before Katsu spoke again, sounding both doubtful and annoyed. "What the nine hells is a dragon whisperer?"

"No idea. But apparently, he wants dragons." Eddie shrugged. "You two ready to go? Nate's hoping you took so long because you were getting rockroot to keep the thing calm."

Katsu snatched up his trousers, shoving his feet into them as if they'd offended him somehow. "Rockroot. Please. I have something better that'll keep it mellow for transportation. Come down here and get some of these satchels."

Eddie skid down the decline, picking up the first bag and peering inside. "What are they?"

"None of your concern, wrapped in poison ivy."

She nearly dropped it, she moved away so fast. Ashe laughed. Katsu threw him a dark look, then pulled on his tunic.

So much for the second round. Still, the first round had been awfully nice. He started to dress as well, noticing that as Katsu divided the satchels, the two heavy ones were left for him, and decided that was also Katsu's way of showing affection.

Ashe left his tunic laces undone and picked up his bags, giving the little clearing one last, fond look before he followed Eddie and Katsu up the path, back toward the opening of the canyon. He tipped his head, watching Katsu more closely, paying attention to the way Katsu's trousers framed his ass. What a nice ass it was, too.

Katsu glanced back sharply. Ashe smiled. Katsu's eyes narrowed, and he faced forward once more.

Yup. Definitely an odd form of affection.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and beyond the intent of either the author or the publisher.

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