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An Amber Quill Press Book


This book is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author's imagination, or have been used fictitiously.Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental.


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Copyright © 2012 by Fae SutherlandISBN 978-1-61124-266-9Cover Art © 2012 Trace Edward ZaberPublished in the United States of AmericaDedicationFor the Cheeky One. Give us this day our daily sparkle. Much love for all your inspiration.Also by Fae SutherlandGambling On MaybeLetting In The LightWith Marguerite Labbe629 Miles To LoveEntanglementsFortunate SonThe Mask He WearsTaking ChancesWith Chelsea JamesBlue-Eyed Soul




"If you're not wearing these, I'm stealing them."

Zachary West turned to find his best friend, Jordy, sitting cross-legged on the floor in the dressing area, a pair of silver jeans in his lap and a hopeful look on his face.

Zach laughed. "I'm not wearing those. You can borrow them." He pointed a finger at his friend when Jordy began to beam. "Borrow,Jordy. That implies giving them back at some point."

Jordy nodded and grinned, hugging the jeans to his chest. "Swear to Gaga," he promised, face earnest.

Well, that was as good a promise as it got. Zach turned back to his closet and pursed his lips in consideration, flipping through the hangers. "It's got to be sexy, duh, and kind of trashy."

"So, like ninety percent of your wardrobe?"

"Whore," Zach snapped back, throwing a hat at Jordy. "And no. It has to be special." He grinned and spun around to hold up a frayed, repurposed denim jacket with an epaulet on one shoulder. "I have atryst."

Jordy giggled. "You just like saying that." He wrinkled his nose at the jacket. "Not that."

Zach stuffed the jacket back onto the overflowing rack of the closet and let out a frustrated sigh. "I have nothing to wear."

Jordy jumped to his feet with a happy sound. "That means one thing--shopping!"

Zach shook his head with a wrinkle of his nose. "Can't. My cards are maxed out. Again."

Jordy slumped and sat back on the floor, reaching for a pair of Zach's boots. "Bummer. So, where are you meeting him tonight?"

Zach grinned, bouncing a little as he pulled out another potential outfit to try. "Him" was Sergeant Stephen Miranda, Zach's big, brawny, ever so butch, in the closet police officer boyfriend. "Oh God, it's this totally sleazy motel out by the airport. Pay by the hour and everything!"

Jordy shuddered. "I have no idea what you find hot about banging that man in every dark, trashy dive you can find. When you have a perfectly good bed right here!"

Zach tugged on a sheer white top, turning this way and that in the mirror. "Oh, you have no imagination. It's like...forbidden! Naughty. I'm his dirty little secret and it's crazy sexy." Zach tingled all over just thinking about it.

"Yeah, but he'd totally be perfectly content coming here every night to be with you."

"Psshh," Zach scoffed. "Who wants content? Content is boring. Besides, if I have to hang out with him in the closet sometimes, it might as well be a closet that turns me on." Stevie might be happy to forget the games and just meet at Zach's place, but Zach had promised himself weeks ago, when he and Stevie had met, that he was going to sparkle and spice up that man's life.

Zach took his promisesveryseriously.

"Why don't you just talk to him about not hiding? It's 2011, you know, not 1911."

Zach gave Jordy a stern look. "That is not anyone's business, not even mine. Stevie will come out when he's ready. I'm not going to pressure him, not even a little."

Besides, Jordy didn't know all the details. It might be 2011 in their world--and even still that wasn't always pleasant--but Stevie's world was lost in some kind of time warp where society was still supposed to be the idyllic the entire police force had watched one too many episodes ofMad Men.Not that Zach could blame them. Don Draper was one sexy son of a bitch.

Zach had gotten a taste of the difference in their worlds almost two months ago when they'd first started dating and one of Stevie's coworkers had attempted to give Zach some "friendly" advice. In other words, basically told him to back the fuck off and not ruin things for Stevie with his faggotry. It'd come close to being the end of them, but luckily for Zach, his Officer Hotness wasn't nearly as brainwashed as the Stepford Police Force seemed to think.

All in all, Zach didn't mind. They had fun, they had lots of hot sex and they liked spending their time together holed up in Zach's little apartment making out and ordering in and who the hell cared what the Bigotry Police thought about "their kind"? They were too busy enjoying each other.

Which was exactly what Zach intended for today. He turned back to the closet and pondered his wardrobe choices. He needed to knock that man's socks off, as Tim Gunn would say. Suddenly, he grinned.

He knew just the outfit for the job.

* * * *

Stephen shook his head as he shut the motel room door behind him, glancing around the shabby little room. Zach certainly had imagination, if he could find this place sexy. Stephen knew, though, that it wasn't the seedy room or the location that was sexy to Zach; it was the adrenaline of sneaking around.

Zach had decided that if he was going to be a secret lover, he was going to do it all the way and have fun with it. Which translated to quick, fast fucks in all sorts of unsavory places. Bar bathrooms. Motels frequented by hustlers and johns. An adult bookstore. And each time, it was every bit as heart-pounding as the time before. Zach had an imagination that'd put any porn star to shame, and Stephen was the helpless, but very grateful, recipient of all the benefits.

He had just tugged off his jacket to drape over the lone, rickety chair in the corner when there was a knock at the door. Stephen's heart raced as he hurried to answer it, chuckling as Zach slipped in wearing a black trench coat and a jauntily cocked, plum-colored fedora.

"Channeling the Rat Pack tonight?" he teased, as he shut and locked the door before turning to Zach.

Zach's lips curved and he tossed the hat onto the dresser. "Not exactly," he said with a wicked little half-smile, fingers plucking at the knot at his waist. "Unless the Rat Pack were a lot naughtier than we give them credit for."

Stephen didn't have a chance to ask what he meant because Zach had gotten his coat open and let it fall to the floor, and Stephen had his answer.

"Jesus fucking Christ," he breathed, eyes widening.

Zach stood there, wearing nothing but a pair of boots that would make Julia Roberts proud, and a knowing smile on his face. "Yes, I drove all the way across town like this."

Which had been exactly what Stephen was asking in his head, but his words had failed him.

Words weren't necessary, as evidenced half a second later when they both moved at the same time and the resulting collision ended with Zach wrapped around Stephen, lifted off his feet, and Stephen stumbling toward the bed as they kissed.

Holy hell, the man drove him crazy. Only Zach would show up all but naked, and only Zach would decide dating someone in the closet meant a chance to play naughty sex games. He was like no one Stephen had ever known and, truth be told, he prayed he never got used to it. He got as much of a thrill out of Zach shocking him as Zach did.

Zach moaned as Stephen tossed him onto the bed and then followed him down, pinning him there and dipping his head to devour the smooth arch of his neck.

"Ohh, fuck yes, more." Zach panted, then laughed breathlessly. "I couldn't decide on an outfit," he explained with a wicked laugh. "I take it you like my solution?"

Stephen growled, pushing Zach farther up on the bed and nudging his slim thighs wide with his knees. "Like might be an understatement, brat." His voice was rough, one hand sliding down Zach's thigh to encounter shiny black leather. "Where the hell did you get these boots? A hooker shop?"

Zach giggled, arching under him and slinking one booted leg up to rest against Stephen's shoulder in a show of flexibility that made Stephen's cock ache. "Something like that," he teased, circling his hips. "Are you going to take them off or fuck me in them?"

Stephen groaned and shifted to flip Zach onto all fours, hauling him up to his knees. "I think I might make you wear them for the rest of your life, actually. Jesus, you make me crazy," he whispered, bending to nip at the nape of Zach's neck, the tender skin sweet smelling and so soft.

Zach bit his lip, rocking back against Stephen, eyes closed and breath panting. "Mmm, that's exactly what I was going for. Stevie, damn it, you're wearing too many clothes," he complained, circling his hips against the bulge in Stephen's jeans.

When Stephen knelt up to fumble with the button and zipper, Zach was impatient as always and scrambled around to bat his hands away and get the job done, jeans around Stephen's knees, in under five seconds. Impressive little thing.

Stephen was in the middle of tugging them the rest of the way off when Zach got impatient again and nudged him off-balance enough to send him tumbling back onto the saggy mattress as his lover pounced on his cock like it was his favorite treat. Stephen's pride swelled a bit because really, it kind of was. Zach didn't even try to pretend otherwise.

But then, Zach didn't pretend much of anything. The man was as free and unapologetic and uninhibited as anyone Stephen had ever met. It was the thing he liked best about Zach, to be honest. Among many, many others.

"Goddamn, don't suck itoff,Zach." He laughed, managing to kick the jeans, along with his shoes, the rest of the way off, while Zach worked the kind of magic Stephen had never even known existed before he'd met him. Zach had opened his eyes to a hundred different things, not the least of which was the joys of having a twenty-six-year-old lover with an insatiable appetite for all things pleasurable, whatever they may be. A true hedonist, and damned if Stephen wasn't falling for him more and more every day.

Zach lifted his head with a cheeky smile. "Are you giving me directions, Stevie?"

Stephen laughed. "Hell, no," he said, lifting his hips to bump the head of his cock against Zach's damp mouth. "Just saying..."

The last time he'd tried to give direction in bed, it had resulted in Zach deciding his new favorite game was long, drawn-out teasing and tormenting while Stephen cursed him to hell and back. His lover didn't take well to being given orders, even when it was something they both wanted. Stubborn brat, Stephen thought with a grin.

Satisfied, Zach took Stephen's cock into his mouth again and went right back to what he did best--driving him crazy. Magic, that's what his mouth was, and Stephen had been addicted from minute one. His Zach was a candy drug, and Stephen was a fucking junkie.

"Little bitch, you think you get to have all the fun?" Stephen teased, rolling them and hauling Zach up to pin him face first against the wall at the head of the bed. He knelt behind the young man, hands locked firmly, but gently, around Zach's wrists, caging them against the wall. "Maybe I want to play."

Zach shivered, glancing back over his shoulder. "Mmm, Stevie...I love when you get all alpha on me. I take it I'm forgiven for the other afternoon?" His brown eyes sparkled with mischief.

Stephen groaned, shifting his hips down to rub his cock between Zach's widespread thighs. "Forgiven? I ought to have you arrested."

Zach just laughed, a fearless, airy sound. "Only if you're my cellmate, officer. I'm far too pretty for prison, and we both know it. Besides...I seem to remember someoneotherthan me turning that peep show stall into a real life porno."

Stephen growled, bending his head to scrape his teeth along Zach's shoulder, up toward his neck. "I won't be your cellmate, but I'll make sure I'm the one who--" He cut off when, abruptly, his cell phone began vibrating on the dresser across the room.

"Noooo, no, no, no..." Zach whined, glancing back over his shoulder. "Don't you dare. Stephen!"

Stephen gave him an apologetic look. "I have to, Zach. Hold that thought." He gave Zach a hard kiss and scrambled out of the bed. It took him a few seconds to find his phone hidden under the fedora Zach had tossed on the table, finally dragging it out from under the hat and to his ear. "Stephen Miranda."

* * * *

Zach pressed his forehead against the wall, panting and trying to catch his breath. For a second, he let himself think it was going to be nothing. A wrong number or a fellow cop wanting Stevie to meet for drinks or something. But then Stevie got that tone. That very serious, brisk tone, and Zach glanced back over his shoulder to see his lover grabbing for his discarded clothes.

Shit. Shit, shit.

Part of him wanted to sulk. Flop down on the saggy mattress and settle into a sulk of extraordinary proportions. But he didn't. Because one of the things he found most endearing about Stevie was how dependable he was, how trustworthy and earnest. Zach adored that about him. Even when it fucked up his carefully laid plans to get himself thoroughly debauched this afternoon.

"I'm sorry," Stevie began as he hung up the phone and shoved it into the pocket of his still-unfastened pants.

Zach gave him a small smile and shook his head. "It's okay. sounded important." Zach grabbed for his trench coat and slipped it on.

Stevie slid his arm around Zack's waist and pulled him close, free hand tilting his face up to meet Stevie's eyes. "So are you. I'll come by tonight after work, okay? It might be late though..."

Zach smiled and slid his arms around his lover's broad shoulders. "Late's good."

Stevie grinned. "Good." He bent and gave Zach a firm, lingering kiss before letting him go with a groan. "I have to get out of here before I change my mind. You can get home okay?"

Zach nodded, tugging the coat around himself more tightly. "Of course. Go on, babe. I'll see you tonight."

Another quick kiss and then the door shut behind Stevie. Zach sighed, glancing around. The room, which had seemed so darkly sexy just minutes before, looked like what it was now--a dingy, faded, cheap motel room. He sighed. Oh well, he'd just have to make sure the next tryst was even better--to make up for this aborted one. He had a million ideas; it was all a matter of choosing the right one.

Stevie wasn't going to know what hit him.

* * * *

"No. Absolutely not. Zach, I mean it. No."

Stevie was using his "serious business" tone and the face to go along with it. It was very hard not to giggle when he did that. Mostly because Stevie kept on thinking it might work when all facts--and past attempts--pointed to no.

Zach let out a sigh. "It's kind of your own fault, you know. It was basically your idea."

Stevie's eyebrows shot up at that. "Now I know you've lost your mind. Atnotime did I ever suggest role-playing a hustler and a cop, with uniform and my patrol car included, Zachary!"

"Oh, I think you did." Zach crossed his arms in a huff. "You said my boots were hooker boots. Then you said you ought to arrest me." He gave Stevie an expectant look.

Stevie just gave him a blank one back. "How is that me suggesting you pretend to be a hustler, I pick you up for soliciting and then 'let the charges slide' in the backseat of my patrol car?"

"Well, what did you expect? The dots connected inmymind."

Stevie laughed, shaking his head. "Of course they did. But no, Zach--A, it's too dangerous and B, it's too freaking dangerous. Also, illegal."

Zach wasn't sure whether to go for a scowl or a sulk. Both worked equally well to get him what he wanted, usually. He went for the scowl, since he was already huffing and was legit a little annoyed Stevie wasn't seeing how amazing this idea was. "Um, maybe you've forgotten the sex in the bathroom at O'Malley's last week. Or the very tryst you said you should arrest me for--the peep show at the adult bookstore? Pretty sure there's some law against that."

Stevie wanted to give in, Zach could tell, and that was the crack he needed. Now he just had to wedge his idea in there until the whole wall came tumbling down. Kind of like how he'd gotten into Stevie's life in the first place--sheer will power and determination.

"The patrol cars have GPS, Zach. Even if I wanted to use one off-duty for...personal use, I couldn't."

Zach pursed his lips, pondering that. Stevie wouldn't ever lie to him, so Zach began to rethink his plan. "Okay...what if you were an undercover cop? What do you call it, plain clothes?"

Stevie relaxed a little, and Zach knew he had him.

"Yeah. That could work...except I'm not a very good actor, Zach. I don't ever do undercover for that exact reason."

Zach laughed and slid his arms around Stevie's neck. "You don't have to convince the Academy, Stevie. Just me."

"I cannot believe I'm even thinking about agreeing to this."

Zach grinned so wide it almost hurt. "Oh, please. I could have told you you'd be giving in within ten minutes!"

Stevie bent and kissed him and then lifted his head again. "You're very lucky I adore you, boy."

Zach just grinned. "I know! So...there's no law against using your handcuffs, is there?"

* * * *

Stephen glanced over at Zach in the passenger seat, heart racing. "Are you sure?"

Zach gave him that signature wicked, sweet smile and opened the passenger door. "I'm positive. Here, I don't need this..." He tugged the belt of his trench coat open, and Stephen held his breath, half-expecting the same "bare-assed naked with only fuck-me boots" look from the motel.

It wasn't quite that indecent...but close.

Actually, it was pretty similar to the outfit he'd been wearing the night they'd met. A fishnet top that was torn strategically to reveal a nipple here, a swath of tummy there, cutting off just below his belly button and leaving his lower abdomen bare since his black leather shorts--Zach affectionately called them scandal pants--clung dangerously low on his slender hips. They left very little to the imagination, especially considering that they appeared to be no more than four inches from top to bottom. When Zach turned in a cheeky pirouette, Stephen nearly choked at the amount of ass--beautiful, pert, gorgeous little ass--that was bared in the next-to-nothing shorts.

"You can't be serious..."

Zach winked. "As a heart attack, babe."

"You're going to give me one."

"Better not be before you fuck me. Now the block, get into character, then come pick me up." He waved his hand and tossed the coat over the front seat into the back before stepping back onto the sidewalk and shutting the door. "Go."

Stephen glanced around, not at all sure this was a good idea. What if something happened while he was circling the block to pull back around? But he looked at Zach, who looked so fucking hot Stephen might just implode, and knew they both were going to enjoy this little game way too much to stop now.

"Got the mace?"

Zach held up his hand, a small can tucked against his palm. "I'll be fine. Just hurry up."

Stephen nodded and gave him one last head to toe look, cock aching already, and pulled away from the curb. He wasn't entirely sure how he was supposed to get into character. He was playing a cop. Hewasa cop. His lips quirked in amusement. It really wasn't possible to adore anyone more than he adored Zach. Everything about him was the nuttiest, yet most brilliant thing Stephen had ever known. Crazy and amazing. That was his Zach.

He made a slow circuit of the block, grateful he didn't see any outright crime going on that would have forced him to stop the game and do his duty. As he turned the corner where he'd left Zach, his heart almost stopped when he didn't see him at first. Then Zach shifted, pulling away from the shadowed wall and moving with a slow sway toward Stephen's car.

Good God, the man redefined the word slink.

His mouth went dry and his cock was as hard as he could ever remember it being as Zach worked his strut up to the passenger side and leaned forward, arms crossed on the rolled down window. Stephen could just imagine the view from behind and bit back a groan.

"Lookin' to party, handsome?"

Stephen cleared his throat, reminded yet again why he'd been turned down several times for undercover work. "Um...yeah." Very clever, he thought. Totally believable.

Zach looked like he was trying not to smile, managing to keep the seductive expression on his face. Was he wearing makeup? Stephen thought so, and more than just the usual lip gloss. Eyeliner, definitely, and maybe some kind of smoky eye shadow, making his brown eyes look even larger, more sultry. God damn, he fucking loved when Zach did his face all up like that.

One perfectly manicured brow lifted and his pink, glossed lips curved. "This your first time, honey? Why don't you just tell me what you want?"

Stephen let his gaze rake over Zach, what he could see of him anyway, then met his gaze again. "Why don't you tell me what you have to offer?"

"Anything and everything, if you're generous enough." Zach took a step back, hands skimming down his sides, drawing Stephen's gaze. "How much is all this worth, handsome?"

Stephen almost answered, Anything, but that wasn't what an undercover would do. Zach had to specifically offer sex of some kind in exchange for money, so Stephen began to try to lead him in that direction. "What's your specialty?"

Zach stepped back up to the car, leaning on the open window frame again. "Honey, my specialty is whatever you like best. I'll tell you what. Full service for whatever is in your wallet."

Got him.Stephen grinned. "I might only have five bucks and a picture of my boyfriend."

"Oh, I doubt that. You wouldn't be down here trawling with no money to spend. What about it, handsome?"

Stephen nodded. "Deal. Get in."

Zach grinned and obeyed, climbing into the passenger seat, and Stephen rolled up the window as he pulled away from the curb.

"So, show me what you've got in your wallet, honey."

This was very familiar, and Stephen bit back the chuckle as he pulled out his wallet and handed it over to Zach, who had his feet propped on the dash, boots hugging his bare, slender calves. Except this time it wasn't his money and driver's license wallet that he handed over, it was his badge and police ID wallet.

Zach froze when he flipped it open, eyes widening. "Oh, shit."

Stephen fought the urge to snicker. Zach sounded so dramatic when he said it. "Oh, shit is right. Looks like we have a dilemma, don't we?" He turned onto the freeway on-ramp, heading south. Eventually the interstate would lead to Tucson, but they weren't going nearly that far.

Zach gave him a withering look. "What're you gonna do? Arrest me? I'll be out in less than an hour, and we both know it." He crossed his arms over his slender chest. "Go ahead."

Stephen shook his head, snatching his badge and ID back. "No, I'm not going to arrest you." He gave Zach a smirk, trying not to snicker because the dialogue was becoming a little ridiculous in his mind. "I can think of much better uses for my handcuffs and your talents."

God, it was like a bad porn flick. But Stephen couldn't deny that he was having fun. And from the way Zach's eyes sparkled, he was, too. Lord, the things the boy talked him into.

Zach pursed his lips, giving Stephen a look that was a cross between annoyed and turned on. "I bet you can. So what's your plan, officer?"

Stephen didn't actually have one, but he didn't say that. "My plan is that you stick to our deal. Full service in exchange for what was in my wallet. Unfortunately for you, none of it was money."

Zach glanced around as Stephen pulled off the interstate, his eyes widening as he realized where they were going. "A public park? Isn't that a little risky for a fine, upstanding citizen like you?" His voice was taunting and smug and made Stephen want to kiss him senseless.

"Yeah, well, my boyfriend keeps telling me life's no fun without a few risks."

Zach laughed, glancing over at him. "I'm sure he'll totes be proud of you for this one."

Stephen pulled into one of the small, off the main trail parking areas, in the shadows away from the one dim light. He grabbed Zach's wrist and grinned. "You have no idea. Come on...out." He climbed out and proceeded to pull Zach across the front seat and out the driver's side. He wouldn't put it past the brat to try to bolt and lead him on a chase if he'd come around instead.

Zach glared at him, stumbling a little in his high-heeled boots as Stephen led him along the trail toward where he knew a solitary park bathroom awaited. "You are going to regret this, I swear to God. Fucking asshole cop."

Even as he said it, Stephen could hear the faintly gleeful tone in his voice.

Stephen just laughed. "I'm not going to regret anything, I promise." He wondered vaguely what had gotten into him as he spotted the bathroom up ahead. He'd never been into any of this before Zach. Public places, the danger of possible discovery, the thrill of taking a risk...Zach had given him that and sometimes Stephen wondered how the hell he'd managed to live without it--without him--for so long.

* * * *

Zach could hardly breathe, his heart racing. He couldn't stop the soft moan as Stevie dragged him into the bathroom and kicked the door shut. There was no lock and, oh God, that just made it even more dangerous...and even sexier. He bit his lip and peered up at Stevie in the flickering light of the lone, bare bulb over the sink.

"Now what, officer?"

He knew what, though, and so did Stevie, who just grinned in a way that made Zach's whole body tremble. The next thing he knew, he was crouched down and Stevie had his pants open, cock hard and the head slick in the dim light. Zach felt a little faint as, rather than his normal, very polite urging, Stevie instead fisted his hand in Zach's hair and pushed his cock into his mouth.Oh God, this is so fucking hot.

His hands came up to steady himself on Stevie's thighs, and Zach lost himself in the fantasy come to life. Oh, the bathroom was disgusting, the park was way too public, and the danger was very real--it was addictive, the rush of it all. And he wasn't the only one who thought so. Stevie's hands shook he was so turned on.

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