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His wicked pleasure

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His Wicked Pleasure


By Christina Gallo









































This book is a work of fiction. Any reference to historical events, real people, or real locales are used factiously. Other names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author‘s imagination, and any resemblance to actual evens or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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Christina Gallo

Copyright 2015 ©Christina Gallo

All rights reserved


Summary:Lieutenant Declan Kavanagh is a powerful Navy Seal and a force to be reckoned with. His commanding presence exudes strength, dominance, and power. The moment he accidently knocks into the beautiful Kristie Rossi and sends her crashing to the ground, he knew he had to have her.


Doing her best to avoid the handsome Lieutenant at every cost, Kristie finds that fate has other plans as she finds herself needing his help more often than not. Will she give in to the promise of forever with the handsome Navy Seal and finally allow his desire for her to be satiated or will she close the door on their passion?






This book is dedicated to all my loyal followers at wattpad. Thank you for believing in me and waiting patiently for my endless edits and rewrites. Bless all your beautiful hearts.











































Chapter One


“Seriously sis, why did I shave my legs for this?” asked Kristie while she sat in her overly large office; her legs up on her mahogany desk as her right hand clicked a pen repeatedly.

Instantly, her sister, Lorie, started laughing, “Come on Kristie, you can’t stop shaving your legs because of one idiot, that’s just insane.”

Kristie inhaled deeply as the thought of turning into a tiny gorilla entered her mind. Shaking her head to clear it of her thoughts, she sighed and straightened in her seat, her feet hitting the floor with a thud. Pen in hand, she drew circles on her paperwork. “Right about now, if I ever shave again, it’ll be too soon,” said Kristie as she looked up at her sister and smiled. She tried her best to make the other image go away...and this one wasn’t of a tiny gorilla. “Can you believe I caught Sebastian in the coat closet with some random, scantily clad girl?” Her sister sat there, a look of horror on her face. “In my very own place of business no less! I, seriously, need to bleach my eyes and make that vision go away,” scoffed Kristie as she cringed slightly.

With a brilliant smile, Lorie moved closer to her sister as she tried to contain her laughter. “Oh please,” she giggled, “I can top that one.” Scooting her chair closer to her sister’s desk, Lorie stood up, walked to the office door and poked her head out. She looked both ways before she closed the door to ensure that no one would be able to hear what she was about to tell her sister.

Kristie stood up and moved to the front of her desk, in an effort to get as close to her sister as possible. She didn’t want to miss what she was about to hear, “Go on, you can’t start something like that and expect me to be patient; that’s definitely not one of my strong points.” 

“Well,” confessed Lorie as she added some drama to her tone so her tale sounded even more interesting. Leaning closer to her sister, she exhaled as she found her voice, “Remember that good looking guy, Greg, that I dated about two years ago when I was away in college?” 

Kristie looked into her sister’s dark blue eyes and nodded “Yes.” The image of a sexy man with shaggy blonde hair and the bluest eyes she’d ever seen came to mind. “Yes, of course I remember him.”

“I always found it slightly odd that he never made a pass at me,” confided Lorie with a deep sigh. “Well, curiosity happened to get the best of me so I devised a plan,” she continued as she looked up at the ceiling, clearly, remembering that day vividly.

Kristie shifted and moved so she was sitting on the edge of her desk. With an impatient grumble, she muttered, “Go on, don’t stop now.” She was hanging on her sister’s every word. 

Lorie smiled at her sister’s impatience and continued, “I sent him a text message, telling him that I was home alone and asked him to come over.”

“You didn’t?” asked Kristie with emphasis on the word ‘didn’t’—a look of surprise filled her face as she waited eagerly to hear what happened next.

“Oh I did,” chided Lorie as she crossed her legs and got comfortable on the plush chair she’d taken, “Brace yourself sister dear. What I’m about to tell you is considered confidential. Make sure you bury it in your top secret files,” Lorie added with a smirk. 

“Yeah, yeah, no problem. Secret, I get it,” added Kristie in a rushed voice, hanging on the edge of her seat, she waited to hear something that would top her story.

“He came to the house I rented smelling like hot garbage. I mean, I swear that he hadn’t showered in days! Seriously, something wasn’t right and the smell of skunk came to mind. Instantly, I was turned off. The stench emanating off of him was actually making me gag, so much so that I sat up and wrapped my couch blanket around my body and covered my nose as my eyes began to water,” choked Lorie as the smell and vision came back to her. She could feel the tears in her eyes at just the memory. It had been that bad.

“Don’t you dare stop there,” Kristie giggled, as she too crossed her legs and settled back onto her desk.

Lorie’s blue eyes met her sister’s green as she stared into them. “He was just about to remove his shirt when the stench hit me and almost knocked me off my seat— I actually got sick.”

“Wait, what? Sick?” asked Kristie not sure if Lorie got sick, sick or just sick, figuratively speaking sick. 

“You heard me, sick,” Lorie gagged to demonstrate what she meant. “It’s like he hadn’t showered for weeks.”

Kristie leaned forward as her body rumbled with laughter. After a few minutes of barely breathing, she managed to look at her sister, “Oh no, what did you do?” she asked between her laughter. 

“After my stomach emptied, I managed to look up at him and told him to ‘get out!’ I pointed to the door and screamed, ‘now, and take your stenchiness with you.’ I ran around the house opened up every single window while I sprayed floral air freshener everywhere.” 

“I can’t,” laughed Kristie as she fell off the desk and onto the floor, “I really can’t.”

“You can’t?” asked Lorie holding her stomach as she laughed along with her sister, “I can’t and never will again. I’m done with men too.” She pulled Kristie off the floor and leaned her against the desk as a thought popped into her head. “My story trumps yours, which means you owe me lunch. Let’s get out of here and pig out; this definitely calls for something yummy.”

Kristie looked at her desk and stared at the piles of paperwork on it. She wasn’t sure if she had the time but didn’t care. Her work always managed to get done. Shoving the mountain of files off to the side. Blowing her chunky blond bangs away from her eyes, she responded, “Only if you come back and help me with all of this.”

“Deal,” blurted Lorie. She glanced in her compact mirror, chuckling as she fixed her face.

Kristie opened up her closet and looked at herself in the full-length mirror and asked, “How many calories did we just burn from all that laughing?” as she wiped under her eyes. She turned to get her makeup bag from her purse.

Lorie shoved her sister over, “Not nearly enough for what I’m about to snack on.” When she was finished fixing herself, she walked to the door before she turned around and faced Kristie, “I’ll meet you downstairs; hurry up.” 

“Okay,” said Kristie. She finished applying her lipstick and then closed the closet. Giving one last glance at her messy desk, she grabbed her purse, walked out of her office, and closed the heavy door behind her. 



Silently moving into enemy lines, Lieutenant Kavanagh and his team slid into their position as they waited for their leader’s signal. Turning his head slightly, he looked at each of his men—his unit—and offered up a silent prayer that they would all come home safe and alive. During their long flight to this undisclosed destination, they were given their rescue the American hostages that were being held at this location. They’d known nothing before landing and even now, they new little else except the location, what group was holding them and what was expected of his unit.


Cloaked in darkness, the stale, sticky air clung to Declan like a second skin. The stench of rotting flesh, both human and animal, mixed with the lingering scent of urine and burnt rubber. The smell assaulted his adenoids, confirming that they were in the correct location. In the distance, Blaze, one of his men, sent him the signal alerting him that everything was ready and in place.


Adrenaline coursed through every fiber of his being and caused all of his senses to come to life. Counting off in his mind, he waited five seconds for the first series of explosions to sound, knowing the enemy would come running out with weapons firing. Giving the signal for his team to move, Declan immediately went into super human mode as he began taking out the enemy like the skilled warrior he was trained to be.


Another loud blast filled the air as more rockets exploded in subsequence followed by the chatter of the semi-automatic weapons carried by the team. A massive cloud of smoke filled the air and made the scene difficult to see to the untrained eye. Moving in rapidly, flanked by his two best men, Declan annihilated the enemies guarding the hostages. Before they could be rushed, Declan had the hostages moving in the middle of his unit as they made their way back to their pickup destination.


Signaling for everyone to get down, a huge flash of light blanketed their surroundings followed by a series of loud booms instantly flattening the buildings around them. In the distance, the steady engines of their ‘copter could be heard and an ETA crackled in his earpiece. Declan signaled to his team and they headed toward the EVAC site.


The sound of chaos erupted behind them and Declan ordered for his team to keep the hostages safe as reinforcements arrived for the hostage takers. Bullets flew past and Declan swung his rifle back as he squeezed the trigger. Muzzle flashes signaled the bullets leaving the chamber and loud screams signaled that some, if not all, of his bullets had struck their target.


They retreated like that—hostages in the middle of his team as they returned fire with the enemy around them. As the helicopters neared, rapid fire ensued, and Declan provided cover fire as his team loaded the hostages into the waiting ‘copters. When everyone was in, he ran from his spot and jumped aboard the last helicopter moments before it lifted off. Even as the helicopters gained altitude, Declan returned fire with the men on the ground.


The long flight home was made in silence—each man lost in his own thoughts as the adrenal rush drained from their bodies. Declan sat on the one bench, his legs stretched out in front of him and his head resting against the wall of the helicopter. He listed to the thrum of the blades and felt them vibrating through the walls and his body. He closed his eyes and his mind began to wander...driving him through the jungles of his memory and to places he didn’t want to revisit.


He shook his head to clear the thoughts but they clung to him like spider webs as he shifted slightly to find a comfortable spot on the bench.


“Lieutenant,” babbled his squad member Paul Fisher in a tired but loud voice. “Permission to speak sir.”


Slowly opening his eyes, Declan let out a long hearted breath while a smirk replaced is scowl, “Yes Junior Officer Fisher, you have permission to speak.” Mumbling under his breath, he continued, “Permission to speak—what a laugh.”


Sitting across from his best friend, Paul smiled wickedly as he spoke in an acrimonious tone, “Just wanted to be the first to say that this was an awesome rescue mission,” then he lowered his voice an octave. “Rumor has it that there’s another promotion for you. Think I’ll get a promo too?”


Shaking his head in disbelief, Declan looked over at his long time friend and replied in a whisper, “You’re lucky I don’t turn you around, bend you over, and send you home with a swift kick in the ass.” The snickers from the unit made it clear they were listening in.


Lifting up slightly, Paul muttered, “Ouch, that would really hurt,” as he rubbed his behind and scrunched his face in agony.


“Good,” huffed Declan as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes again.


Obviously, feeling the need to continue his chatter, Paul proclaimed, “I don’t know about all of you, but I, truly, can’t wait to take a shower.”


“Thanks for sharing man,” mocked Declan in a raspy voice, “I was wondering what that dreadful stench was.”


“I, for one, can’t wait to see my wife,” said his other long time friend, Matt, with a little too much excitement etched in his voice. They’d been serving together for years and Declan thought of both men as closer to brothers than squad members, “I can’t wait to…”


Tossing a crumbled up piece of foil at Matt, Declan growled, “Shut up, no one wants hear your sexcapades.” Sitting up straight in his seat, he moved a little closer and growled, “Do you think Sheena would appreciate hearing this?”


Gulping loudly, Matt sat back in his seat and thought for a moment. Leaning forward with his hand over his mouth, he groaned, “I don’t think Sheena will be able to walk or talk for quite a while once I get home.”


“That’s nice,” laughed Paul. “Would she happen to have any friends?”


Chapter Two


              The Rossi household bustled with activity as Kristie, along with her three brothers, Benny, Jason, and Billy, prepared for their day. Like usual, they were all up early preparing for their busy day, while her two sisters, Lorie and Daniella, were probably still sleeping.


              Benny with his perfectly groomed, dark hair, each strand in place stood in front of the coffee pot basically willing the coffee to brew faster. “We really need to buy a Keurig and join the rest of the world because waiting for this thing to brew is like waiting for paint to dry,” he groaned with a hint of sleepiness in his tone.


              “I’ll get right on that,” snapped Billy shoving past both his brothers in a rush to get to the refrigerator. His thick blonde hair was about four shades darker than Kristie’s, but of all the siblings, those two were the closest in appearance. “I’m starving and there’s never anything to eat around here.”


              Kristie looked over at Billy and shook her head. His six foot, two inch frame blocked her view from peering into the refrigerator to make an honest assessment. The moment Benny shoved him out of the way; Kristie noticed a full refrigerator and corrected her brother. “The refrigerator isn’t the problem Billy. Check the freezer and you’ll find a bacon, egg, and cheese wrapped in plastic just for you.”


              Turning to face his sister with the same smile as her, as his bright green eyes sparkled with mischief, Billy whispered, “See, this is why you’re my best sister.”


              “Shh, don’t let Lorie or Daniella hear you say that,” joked Jason, the oldest of her brothers, as he poured himself a huge glass of orange juice. “Oh, that’s right. The princesses’ are still sleeping. You’re safe.”


              Kristie laughed at Jason’s sarcasm and knew he was right but didn’t feel like adding fuel to the fire. Stifling a yawn, she poured herself a cup of tea and sat down to drink it before her crazy day began.


              “Kristie,” called her brother Jason, his light blue eyes staring at her. “You’re going to Rossi Industries today, right? Can I drive in with you this morning? My car is being detailed.”


              Gathering up her belongings, Kristie nodded, “Of course. I’m ready whenever you are.”


              Walking into Rossi Industries, Jason paused for a moment. Similar to his brothers, Jason was on the tall side about a half-inch shorter than Billy, with light brown hair, which caused his pale blue eyes to stand out and make the ladies swoon. He turned to his sister with a frown, “I’ll probably catch a ride home with Benny tonight so don’t wait for me.”


              “Sure. No problem,” replied Kristie pushing the button for the elevator. “I have a few meetings this morning and I am still waiting, patiently, for the financial reports from Rossi Electronics. Do you think you can get Billy to get them over to me before the end of the day?”


              “I will do my best,” promised Jason before he walked away. He looked over his shoulder and added. “I’ll catch up with you later.”


              Kristie walked into her office and immediately went to work. The reports that had been handed in took up all of her attention and she didn’t notice the time drift by until her sister, Lorie, strolled in and grabbed a few of the reports.


              “Good morning sunshine,” acknowledged Kristie. A wave of relief washed over her as she looked up at her sister with a grin.


              “Don’t look at me like that,” Lorie complained as she slid into a chair opposite Kristie’s. “I accidentally went to Rossi Co. instead of coming here. Guess I wasn’t paying attention when you said we were meeting here today.”




As Declan stood on the tarmac, he noticed his commander stealthily making his way towards him and his unit. His brows furrowed, his neat, salt and pepper hair blowing in the wind as he neared.


His body language immediately shifted from relaxed to tense. He stood at attention, gave a crisp salute and in a deep, masculine voice greeted, “Commander Thompson, Sir.”


“At ease Lieutenant. I need you and two of your best men to pack up your belongings, you’ve been reassigned.”


“Sir?” asked Declan in surprise. He wasn’t sure if he understood correctly. “Belongings, Sir?”


“Yes. You and two of your best men are to be back here at 0500 hour.”


Without hesitation, Declan nodded, “What about the rest of the team Commander? What are their orders?”


“They will report to base at 0600 tomorrow for their next assignment.” He nodded at Declan and then walked far enough away for Declan to speak to his men. Commander Thompson waited while he chose two of his best men and gave the rest of his teams their orders for tomorrow.


Standing at attention, the three men patiently waited to hear what their next assignment would be.


“Gentlemen, at ease,” said the commander in a relaxed voice as he turned and made his way towards the waiting car.  Noticing the men didn’t follow him, he affirmed, “Well come on, how do you expect to get back to base without a ride?”


“The thought did cross my mind,” Paul replied with a smile and it earned him a low growl from Declan.


“Ease up lad,” pointed the commander, “I did use the words at ease.”


“Yes, you did, Sir,” remembered Declan with a forced smile. He always had a hard time being at ease and had learnt a long time ago that he needed to stay focused.


“Great job rescuing the hostages. Major McKinnley is extremely grateful for a job well done.”


“Thank you Sir,” answered Paul with an easy smile, “It appears the Lieutenant seems to have forgotten his manners.”


Finally relaxing, Declan smiled at his commander and replied, “My

apologies Sir. I’m happy we were able to return Major McKinnley’s men, just wish we got there sooner. A few of them are in pretty bad shape.”


“But they’re alive son,” he glanced towards Declan before he glanced at the other men, “Thanks to your entire team.”


“Yes Commander, they are alive,” assured Declan with a hint of sadness. Looking at his comrades then over to the Commander, he said with a smile, “Can’t say that about the enemy now, can we?”


“No, we can’t,” replied Matt with excitement, “That place was lit up like the Fourth of July.”


The rest of the ride was spent in silence. Pulling up to the base, they all went their separate ways, each lost in their own thoughts. Making his way into his small military like apartment, Declan showered before he packed his belongings so he was ready for his next assignment.




As Kristie and Lorie made their way back to the office, they noticed their sister, Daniella, waiting for them. “Hey Daniella, what a pleasant surprise!” Kristie exclaimed as she walked over and hugged her sister.


“Not to be a trouble maker,” said Lorie with a smirk. “But where have you been lately? It’s been rather difficult to keep our brothers off your scent. Just saying.”


Looking around nervously, Daniella whispered, “I need to talk to you.”


“Oh no, I don’t like the way that sounds,” said Kristie as she pulled her sisters into her office and closed the door.


Without wasting a second, the girls sat down. Daniella smiled nervously as she played with her hair. She took in a deep breath as though she was steeling herself for a fight, “In all honesty, I’ve been staying at Marissa’s.”


Folding her arms across her chest while she crossed her legs, Kristie growled, “We weren’t born yesterday Daniella, if this is the truth, why haven’t you called us?”


Taking another deep breath, Daniella let it out slowly before she said in a huff, “I’m sort of hiding out.”


“What?” Lorie and Kristie exclaimed in unison as they stared at their wayward sister. If that was the truth, their sister was in some crazy kind of trouble...maybe even pregnant.


“Stop jumping to the wrong conclusions,” barked Daniella, “As if I would be so stupid to do something to tarnish our family name.”


“Whew,” Kristie sighed as she pretended to wipe her brow. “I don’t know about you Lor, but I sure feel a lot better now, how about you?”


Lorie shook her head, not realizing the sarcasm in Kristie’s tone, “I’m not there yet, I need to hear a little more.”


“I’ve been doing some undercover work for my next magazine article,” Daniella said in a nonchalant tone.


“Go on,” said Lorie, “I can’t wait to hear this one.”


“I’m so tired of men and the games they play. I’ve decided to go undercover and watch them in action.”


“Where? How?” asked Kristie with a smile. “This wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with someone in particular? Would it?”


Choosing to ignore her sister completely, Daniella responded, “Marissa and I have been to just about every bar in the neighborhood. Trust me, it’s a freaking jungle out there, tomorrow the three of us are going to a Single’s Mingle.”


“Are you serious?” asked Kristie looking at Daniella as if she’s lost her mind. “How on earth will we pull this off without the media hounds following us? That will surely blow your cover.”


“No, it won’t,” Lorie replied with a smile. “It’s pure genius.”


Kristie grimaced as she rubbed the headache her sister was causing. “It’s asinine,” she whispered, “I can just see the headlines now, ‘Rossi Sisters Desperate to Find Love. Details page three.’”