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Authors: Aimee-Louise Foster

Paige and chloe

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Paige and Chloe

Book 2.5 - Aces MCSeries


By Aimee-LouiseFoster

Text copyright © 2015 Aimee-Louise Foster

All RightsReserved

This book isdedicated to the Club for allowing me to write my stories x

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Character List

Club Members

Mitchell 'Duke' Groves - PresidentEthan 'Diesel' Stokes - Vice PresidentAndy 'Bear' Harper - Sergeant at ArmsDaryl 'Justice' Hayes - TreasurerFrank 'Hound' Watson - SecretaryMark 'Woods' Davies - Road CaptainConnor 'Spike' StokesJake 'Locke' DixonCaleb 'CJ' JonesPaul 'Rex' RegusCharlie 'Stoney' HendersonJacob 'Skinner' BurnsProspects



Amy Stokes - Diesel's sisterHarlow 'Ink' Webb - Diesel's old ladyTaylor 'Ash' Miller - Duke's old ladyMaggie Watson - Hound's old ladyChloe Watson - Salon workerPaige Watson - StripperJames Hudson - DoctorCade Smith - Hang around

Chapter 1


I pulled up outside my parent's house and groaned at thethought of going inside, once I noticed Frank's motorcycle parked on thedriveway but I needed to collect the last of my belongings before I moved outof here for good.I wasn't sleeping here anymore, I couldn't deal with the constant questioningfrom Maggie and the disapproving looks from Frank. At eighteen, I was an adultin the eyes of the law and I was sick of him treating me like a child. He hatedthe fact that I'd become a stripper but what did he expect? I'd been aroundclub life for so long that it just seemed like the most natural thing to do. Frankhad protested until he was blue in the face but I'd explained that I was goingto do it, with or without his permission, which went down like a lead balloon.I'm sure if Frank had pleaded with Duke not to employee me, he would'velistened but I would've just gone to the nearest strip joint in Chingford instead.Frank should've been grateful that I chose to work at the Bird Cage, at leastthis way he could keep an eye on me, not that I wanted him too. Frank knew Iwas headstrong and would dig my heels in deeper because of his objection, thereforehe made it difficult for me in other ways. He'd made it clear that none of the guysfrom the club were to ever touch me, which was a fucking joke.What gave him the right to dictate who I could or couldn't fuck around with?His reaction also meant that I couldn't attend any of the parties at the clubhouseto earn extra cash, cutting my customer base considerably.I didn't know what he was so upset about, the strippers at the club brought inbig money and the job incorporated the two things that I was any good at,dancing and shagging. I didn't want a career like my sister, I was happy livingday by day so he should've been happy for me.

I groaned once more when I glanced in the rear view mirrorand realised that Chloe had just pulled up behind me with a cheery expression.Whatthe fuck was she doing home?I thought she was working today, that's one ofthe reasons why I'd decided to come here, so that I didn't have to see herfucking smiling face.

"Oh I'm glad I've bumped into you," Chloe statedas she exited her car."Oh the joys!" I uttered under my breath rolling my eyes indiscontent as I walked towards the front garden.She looked at me shaking her head disapprovingly but ignored my sarcasm,"Do you want a lift to the Country Club?"I continued up the path towards the house with Chloe hot on my heels, "Isaid do you want a lift to the Country Club?" Chloe repeated her questiona little louder this time, oblivious to the fact that I was deliberatelyignoring her.I tried to hold in my annoyance, she was like an irritating wasp thatconstantly buzzed around me.I let out a sigh knowing that she wasn't going away anytime soon, "I heardwhat you said the first time but I was trying to fucking ignore you." Iopened the front door and saw the hurt on Chloe's face, which instantly filledme with pleasure. I gestured quickly with my hand for her to enter the house, beforeslamming the door loudly behind me, announcing my arrival.

"Why can't you just go with the flow, why do you haveto know now? We're not even going until Thursday." I threw my handbag ontothe kitchen worktop showing my frustration before pouring myself a glass ofwater."Taylor asked me to find out if you needed a lift. Why are you turningthis into a big issue?" Chloe whined as she walked over to place a kiss onFrank's cheek. "Hi Daddy," she said sweetly.Yuck! The whole scene was sickening, she was eighteen years old for Christ'ssake and still kissing him on the cheek as if she were a two year old. Everytime she did something sweet was like another kick in the gut that meant I hadto work harder to get any recognition or praise, and that's why at the age of twelveI stopped giving a shit and let out the inner bitch.

I heard her talk briefly to Frank before returning to thekitchen, "I forgot my keys and I'm locking up tonight so I've popped homequickly." She stated loudly so Frank could still hear her.It was an open plan living space so I could see their interaction and noticed thatMaggie was fussing over a young man, in fact a very hot young man. I wouldintroduce myself later but I wanted to carry on my conversation with Chloe totorment her further.

"I'm not turning this into an issue but who the fuck isTaylor?" Chloe rolled her eyes, "Don't give me that look Chloe. Justbecause she's shagging Duke this week, doesn't mean I have to do as I'm told byher." I spat.Duke had been a player in his time but he rarely screwed the same girl twice, wellthat was until Taylor came along. All the good men from the club were droppinglike flies, Diesel, Duke and it looked like only a matter of time before Spikewas taken off the market.Chloe put her hands on her hips looking exasperated by my response but I didn'tcare, I loved to annoy her."Taylor only asked if you wanted a lift.""All I've heard over the past couple of weeks is Taylor does this, Taylordoes that, it's getting on my tits!""Watch your mouth Paige." I rolled my eyes at Frank's involvement, hejust couldn't help himself if I were getting the upper hand as he always feltthe urge to protect Chloe. "If Duke takes her as his old lady, she becomesqueen bee around here so you need to watch what you say. Thanks to him you havea job and earn fucking good money, now that's enough."I narrowed my eyes and quickly took a sip of my drink to stop myself fromanswering back, as I needed to compose myself before I possibly said somethingthat I may later regret. Once I had the last of my belongings I was hoping tocut all ties, I would only then see him occasionally if he came to the club,and that was more than enough for me. He had let me down on so many occasions, sowhy should I bother with him again.

I heard Chloe's phone ring and saw her face light up whenshe realised who was calling."Hi sorry I can't make it tonight I have a lot goingon." I glanced at her as she waved goodbye to Frank indicating that shewas going back to work. I couldn't help following her, as I was intrigued as towhat she was discussing. Pretending that I needed something from my car, Ilingered to hear the rest of her conversation.

It was early days in their relationship and I knew that theyhadn't slept together. Chloe wasn't a virgin but she was very particular inregards to who she slept with and wanted to make sure that things were on theright path before she took the plunge as she'd put it.

"I know your parents are out tonight...there'll beother I'm not fobbing you off, you know that I want to, justnot yet...okay...I'll call you tomorrow, bye." She said solemnly as she placedthe phone into her pocket."Is everything okay Chloe?" I asked strolling towards her as sheleaned her back against her car.Chloe looked shocked by my question and her eyes widened as I leaned beside herto wrap my arm around her shoulder, gently pulling her into my embrace.She stood awkwardly as she glanced in my direction clearly perplexed by mygesture, "Erm...he invited me over tonight for, erm you know...""Sex?" Oh my god she couldn't even say the word."Yeah but I'm not sure if I'm ready or if I want to do it with him at all.I know he cares for me and he says that he'll wait but I'm confused, I stillneed more time." Chloe sighed and jingled her keys in the palm of her handas she looked at me attentively, probably still a little confused as to why Iwas even talking to her.

It sounded like he was putting pressure on her not that Igave a shit, she was a fucking prick tease. They'd been dating for three monthsand she hadn't put out once, he'd be bored with her soon enough or maybe evendump her once he'd shagged her, because I couldn't see her being veryadventurous between the sheets.I loved to see her miserable it gave me a sense of worth and payback, for all theyears of misery that I had suffered from just being around her.

"Make sure that he doesn't pressure you into doingsomething that you don't want to do." I smiled as I pushed off the car andwalked back towards the house."Are you feeling okay?" Chloe asked which made me snigger."Yeah, why?" I turned on my heels and held my hand up to shield myeyes from the sun, to bring Chloe into focus."It's just that I can't remember the last time you were nice to me." Shestated quietly as she continued to play with her keys.I smiled brightly and turned back around, "Well don't get used toit." I muttered under my breath as I continued up the path towards thehouse, I was only ever nice when I needed to be for my own gain, and this wasone of those moments.

Walking back into the house armed with the newfoundinformation regarding Chloe's boyfriend, I felt a rush of excitement. I hadn'tmet him before I'd only seen photos but he was a good looking bloke, she'd donewell for herself. I contemplated how I could use this information when inspirationhit me, oh yes, I could use this to break her fucking heart and enjoy myself inthe process.

I smiled to myself as I briskly walked into the living roomto see Maggie still fussing over the fit young man, who was now sitting barechested. On closer inspection, he looked a little under nourished but I knew hehad potential when I saw his big hands, I loved a man with big hands."And who's this?" I asked flippantly, folding my arms across my chestmaking sure that my pert tits were pushed up even further than they alreadywere, as I stood in the living room sizing him up. He looked at my face and hisgaze trailed slowly down my body lingering on my tits as they fought to freethemselves from my summer dress."This is Cade, he'll be staying in the log cabin for a couple ofdays." Frank stated as he gestured towards the garden. I was moresurprised by Cade's expression than the fact that he'd be staying here as Idon't think he was aware of this arrangement."I didn't know we were taking in strays!" I rolled my eyes beforesauntering off in the direction of my bedroom to collect the rest of my belongings.The element of intrigue was good and I hoped I'd given Cade just enough topique his interest.

As I walked towards my bedroom, I noticed that Chloe's doorwas ajar and hoped that this would make my plan work a little easier. I quietlyopened the door further and gazed around her tidy bedroom assessing herbelongings as I made a mental note of what I may need.Closing the door quietly behind me, I rested my back against the solid wood knowingthat I needed to be quiet as to not arouse suspicion.I tiptoed across the floor and opened her wardrobe, Yuck! I gazed at the arrayof boring clothes she had in natural colours and rummaged around the various outfits,thankfully managing to find something half decent that may arouse the simplestof men, and helped myself to a pair of her heels. I slowly made my way towardsher desk and grabbed a few items of make-up from her dresser and some jewellery,before I hastily made my exit without being detected.

Quickly making my way back to my room I eagerly checkedunder my bed and in the wardrobes to see if I had cleared everything, I'd spenttoo much time here already and wanted to get home. My room was now empty apartfrom the lone box that I had stuffed Chloe's items into, which I carried to mycar. The box wasn't heavy but moments like this were when the thought of asteady relationship was a good one, as I shouldn't be doing manual tasks, I maybreak a nail. Not that I could settle down, I wasn't the kind of girl thatanyone could take home to their mother but it would be nice to have someonethat cared enough to stick around for a while.I quickly shook the thoughts away to rid the soft sentiments that invaded myhead, I didn't deserve to be happy, I was used, I was disgusting.

I entered the property again to collect my handbag from thekitchen and briefly glanced out of the window, taking in the spectacular scenerythat sparked happier memories of when the four of us used to play in the treehouse. I smiled at the thought and made a mental note of calling Jayden, he wasthe only person who understood me and I missed him dearly. It was a shame thathe was dealing with his own shit otherwise I knew he'd be home to support me.Looking further down the garden I noticed Maggie and Frank talking heatedly, theyvery rarely argued so I briefly wondered what they were discussing but I didn'tcare that much, they deserved to be miserable, they all did.On the way out of the living room, I heard the shower running in the downstairsbathroom and couldn't help but be intrigued by the gorgeous young man that wasgoing to be staying in the house.Would he mind if I paid him a visit?

I stealthily made my way across the hallway and tried the handleto the bathroom door that thankfully wasn't locked. A thrill of excitement ranthrough my body as I eagerly opened the door and took in the sight before me.Cade was in the shower lathering his body oblivious to me entering the room. I quietlylowered the toilet seat and sat, leaning against the cistern so that I had anunobstructed view of Cade's marvellous body as I licked my lips in appreciation.I didn't know what I was going to do now that I was here but the sight of hisbody was slowly making me aroused, so much so that I had to clamp my thighs tightlytogether to calm the contractions of my muscles.His arse was firm and on closer inspection, I noticed a dimple in his left cheekthat made me giggle. The sound of my laughter echoed in the small space and alertedhim to my presence. He spun around quickly and looked clearly agitated but ashis eyes met mine they softened slightly. I bit down on my lip seductively as Icontinued to grind my thighs together. Cade didn't say anything or even move tocover himself, his eyes simply darkened and his stare intensified making mefeel horny and alive.

I slowly hitched my dress to reveal my tanned firm thighsand parted them as his eyes moved from my face, down my body until they lay onmy most intimate parts. Inspiration hit me, I slowly moved my panties with myleft hand so that he could see my slit and ran my finger up and down my folds torelease my juices, I couldn't believe how quickly I had become aroused. Iglanced at Cade as he stood motionless under the stream of water, allowing itto cascade down his body until I saw his huge arousal.Good boy, it didn'ttake you long!

I slowly pressed a finger at my sleek entrance, holding itstill until I knew I had his undivided attention. In quick succession, Iinserted a finger, then two and then three letting out a gasp at the contact asI finger fucked myself in front of a total stranger. The reality of that alonewas a turn on but the fact that he was fucking hot made the whole experienceeven better. I continued the onslaught on my pussy and could clearly hear myarousal although the water from the shower was still running. With my other hand,I removed the strap from my summer dress by pulling it roughly from my shoulderto free my left breast, and played with my nipple by pinching and rolling mypeak between my fingers.The fullness of my hole made me shudder in delight, the sensation of my touchand Cade's hooded expression as he watched me touch myself was my undoing. Icame apart hard in front of him and let out an unexpected deep throated moan. Itried to stifle the noise through fear of Frank walking in, although it would'vegiven him something worthwhile to moan about.I wriggled around and closed my thighs grinding my legs together to savour everysensation of my orgasm, until I was ready to remove my fingers from my now oversensitive hole.Cade's eyes were still fixated on me, his facial expression hadn't changed andI wondered if I could shock him to at least create some type of reaction. Iplaced the first finger I had used to pleasure myself into my mouth, clearlytasting my arousal as I sucked it dry, then the second and finally the third,his eyes widened slightly but he continued to keep his composure. A genuinesmile covered my face as I rearranged my dress so that my body was now concealed,and I sat on the toilet seat waiting for my breathing to return to normal.

Cade continued to stand motionless allowing the water towash over his body as he watched me with an unreadable expression.I still felt a little playful, "Do you want me to deal with that?" Iasked nodding towards his erection.Cade didn't say anything, he simple shook his head which I thought was strange.What man in their right mind would simply watch a girl masturbate in frontof them, without helping or even pleasuring themselves?"Your loss buddy." I stated with a wink before leaving the bathroom.I needed to get out of here before I stripped and joined him under the water, Iwas now hornier than before but knew what I needed to do. I was going to have adate with Stephen this evening.

I left the house without saying goodbye to Maggie and Frank,they were still in the garden talking heatedly and I didn't want to be pulledup on my earlier rudeness towards the new houseguest, the sexy new houseguest.Stepping outside into the mild air sent a shiver down my sensitive body as Istood in the shadow of the building. I wrapped my arms around myself and walkedonto the pavement so that I was now standing in the sun, making it easier totake in my surroundings. I noticed how differently everything looked througholder eyes but unfortunately, the memories were still the same. I was hoping thattoday would be the last time I saw this godforsaken place and that prospectpleased me.Getting into my Peugeot I turned up the volume of the track that was playing,it had become a favourite of mine since working at the club. I put on my sunglassesand tapped along to the music as I pulled out of the quiet cul-de-sac, and Itried to push all horrible thoughts aside, I needed to get out of here quicklybefore it ruined my mood completely.

I arrived home to see a motorcycle parked outside the houseand on closer inspection realised that it belonged to Justice, which remindedme that it was rent day. I pulled down the sun visor to use the mirror toquickly apply a layer of lip gloss, and ruffled my hair to give it a little morebounce before grabbing my handbag and strutting towards the front door. Ialways liked to look my best especially when one of the guys from the club wasaround, and Justice was a hotty. Although mean and moody at times, he did havea sense of humour and most certainly humoured me when I played games and I wascertainly in a playful mood.

"Justice, what brings you here?" I asked in aseductive tone stepping into the living room.He raised his eyebrows at my question and demeanour, "The same reason Ialways come round each week, rent."I pouted at his comment, "Ah, I thought you came round here just to seeme." I ran my finger along his chest as I passed him on the way to mybedroom and reached out to grab his hand. He begrudgingly followed me down thecorridor and up the stairs until I reached my room, and leaned against the doorframe as I sauntered in and pulled open my underwear drawer."I know it's in here somewhere." I pulled out an array of thongs andother pieces of lingerie as I pretended to search for my money."Is this going to take long Paige? I have another couple of houses to goto this afternoon," he said with a smirk on his rugged yet beautiful face.Justice was one of the guys that actually got me and wasn't too far up Frank's arseto ignore me.

"I don't think it's in here, oh wait a minute."Justice had now moved and was leaning against the wall inside my bedroom, withhis arms folded across his large chest. I strolled towards Justice and stopped directlyin front of him, so that my breasts were nearly touching his skin. Justices'stare didn't deviate from my face although my breasts were practically hangingout of my summer dress. I reached up behind him making sure that my arm skimmedthe side of his face as I stretched for the tin on the shelf beside him, themovement pushed my body further towards his, and this time my breasts brushedagainst his forearms.As I stood on my tiptoes to fasten my grip around the tin, my face neared his andI licked my lips suggestively.Justice smirked but made sure that he didn't move as he wouldn't want to touchme, "You're little games will get you into trouble one of these daysPaige." He drawled.I stepped away, "Oh lighten up it's just a bit of funJustice."I stated walking towards my bed to empty the contents of the tin onto my duvet tocount the notes."I know that but what if you do it to some arsehole, and he takes it thewrong way and hurts you?"I rolled my eyes as I handed him the money, "It would be no more than Ideserve.""Fuck Paige, stop talking like that about yourself." Justice ran hishands through his hair, "What has gone on to make you talk like this? You'realways putting yourself down. You had a great childhood, you have a mum and dadwho love you, you now have a good job and earn decent money, I just don'tunderstand you girl." He looked exasperated by the end of his rant, a lookI was accustomed to."And you never will." I closed the tin and returned it to the shelfwithout giving him another glance, before plonking myself on the bed."Please close the door on your way out."Justice shook his head and stalked towards me taking my hands to help me upfrom the bed."Call Jayden, I know you two are close. Talk it over with him Paige, Ipromise it will make you feel a lot better, a problem shared is a problemhalved and all that shit!" He leaned down and placed a chaste kiss on myforehead, "I'm running late, I've gotta go but I'll see you next week."He winked before leaving the room.

Letting out a loud sigh I flung myself back onto the bed andcontemplated what he'd just said. He was right, I was close to Jayden, more sothan any other family member but he had his own issues going on without meadding to them.I glanced at my watch noticing that time was getting on, I needed to get readyfor my hot date this evening. I collected the box from my car and rummaged aroundto find the items of clothing and make-up that I had taken from Chloe's roomearlier, and placed them onto the bed. I analysed the dreary clothes andthought that I'd at least have to wear my sexy underwear to make myself feelfeminine.I took a long hot shower, the water was like tiny pinpricks on my skin as itflowed over my sensitive body as thoughts of Cade invaded my mind. The feelingof excitement was now back, replacing my earlier low and I was ready to go andseduce Stephen, that boy didn't know what was about to hit him.

"I thought you weren't coming." Stephen stated ashe scooped me into a bear hug at the front door of his parent's sizeable housein Chigwell. His parents must be minted by the size of the property and I washoping he had a pool or even a Jacuzzi as that could be quite adventurous."Well when I came off the phone, I thought about us and decided that weneeded to take our relationship to the next level." I tried to soundsincere and act as Chloe would when she was alone with him but I was findingthis a little awkward, I didn't do sweetness and light.I noticed the huge grin that grew on his face as soon as the words had left mymouth, he instantly pressed a sweet kiss on my lips and squeezed me tightly beforehe pulled me even closer to deepen the kiss. His tongue was all over the fuckingplace and I could feel the build up of saliva around my mouth, which wasdisgusting. I was hoping I wouldn't have to endure much more of this otherwiseI may heave, but thankfully he broke the kiss and took my hand leading me upthe stairs which I assumed was towards his bedroom. I discreetly wiped my mouthon the back of my hand before taking a deep breath, contemplating what the nexthour or so may entail. I enjoyed sex but I had a feeling sex with Stephenwasn't going to be that enjoyable.

I followed Stephen into his bedroom and briefly took in thedecor, instantly noticing that he was a Sci-Fi fan from the framed Star Warsposters on the wall.How old was he?Stephen immediately removed his t-shirt and walked over to the wall to dim thelights, this pleased me, as now I wouldn't have to look at his pasty whitebody. He turned and stared at me hungrily as he unfastened the buttons on hisshorts and let them drop to the floor. For an educated young man with money hereally didn't have any dress sense, and was now standing before me wearingnovelty Mr Men boxer shorts.Who said romance was dead!He indicated with a nod of the head that I should do the same, I took a deepbreath and plastered a smile on my face as I seductively removed my drabclothes.How could Chloe ever feel sexy wearing these?I needed to dosomething spontaneous otherwise I'd end up asleep through boredom if this washis way of putting a girl in the mood. I decided to give him a show that he'dnever forget.

I unfastened the buttons of my cardigan one by one as Igently chewed on my bottom lip looking at him with my come fuck me eyes. Inoticed that he was aroused by the bulge in his boxers and thought that I couldat least have some fun because of the size of his manhood.When the last button was unfastened, I simply slid the cardigan from myshoulders exposing my simple cami, which I slowly removed to reveal my brightblue silk bra with black lace trimming. Moving my hands to cup my breasts,Stephen's eyes instantly widened as he took in the sight of my mounds beingpushed together to form a beautiful cleavage that I knew he wanted to stick hisface into.Continuing my striptease, I unfastened the buttons on the side of the pleatedblack skirt and slid it from my hips provocatively, keeping eye contact withStephen at all times to make him want me. I was now standing in Chloe'sconservative heels and my expensive underwear watching Stephen come apart infront of me with excitement.He leapt across the room like an untrained puppy and grabbed me as he fumbledto remove my bra. I couldn't do this, I couldn't let him touch me let alone tryto pleasure me, I quickly decided to turn the tables and be the aggressor as Iusually was.I pushed him playfully onto the bed and knelt on the soft carpet, leaning overto remove his boxers to reveal a good sized cock. Yes, I could most certainlyhave some fun with that. Spreading his legs further I positioned myself so thatI could lay light kisses on his inner thigh and watched his cock jolt inanticipation and excitement as I moved closer towards my goal. With one hand Ifondled his heavy balls and with the other I stroked his length gently,noticing the pleasure on Stephen's face and his helmet glisten with his ownpre-cum juices. I knew I was good at sucking cock, I'd been told on numerous occasionsand realised that this was the perfect opportunity to get the evidence I sodesperately needed.

I continued to stroke his length as I fumbled around in myhandbag for my phone that was on the floor beside me. When I found it, a shiverof excitement filled my body and I quickly turned the camera on, ready for mynext move.Making myself comfortable between his thighs, I pulled him by the hips slightlyso that he was on the edge of the bed. Stephen clasped his shaft halfway downwith one hand and eagerly guided it towards my waiting mouth. I let the fathead of his cock slide over my lips and deep into my mouth as I held the camerain place to film the encounter."Ahhh Chloe that feels so good." Stephen moaned as he pushed his hipsforward so more of his cock entered my mouth.Wrapping my hand around the base of his cock I wanked him off, as I licked hisbellend and smiled for the camera, increasing my tempo to suck him with morerigor."That feels so good babe." Stephen bucked his hips slamming his cock deepinto my mouth and grabbed my head encouraging me to take more, "I'm gonnacome Chloe." With very little warning, he exploded his hot salty pleasureinto my mouth and I sucked him dry.