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Authors: Louise O Weston

Six very naughty girls

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Helen Gets the Slipper             3

Jodie's Punishment             18

Lucy’s Slippering             25

Chantry High             29

School Assembly             40

School Coach Trip             48

HelenGets the Slipper


"Come on,Helen! You know we need you for the team!" Jenny Wright, Helen Robson's best friend, spoke in her most persuasive tones.


JulieWatson, who had less patience than Jenny with Helen, chimed in "And, anyway, Helen, there's nothing special about that bottom of yours! We've all had the slipper!" There was a chorus of agreement.


"You won't break, you know!"


"You're being selfish, Helen, why shouldn't you get the slipper like anyone else?"


The eighteen year old Helen had been expecting sympathy from her friends. After all she'd only been out of bounds so as to buy food for a midnight feast when everybody could join in. She had told the other girls what had happened. She had been caught in the village by MissCarter, who had escorted her straight back to the headmistress, Miss Masters.


It had been the first time Helen had ever been to the headmistress's study. The tall eighteen year old had started to cry quietly to herself as Miss Masters had given her a real talking to, culminating the tongue-lashing by awarding the naughty schoolgirl 500 lines to be handed in a week's time and three hours supervised detention for the next afternoon. Saturday was a half day at the school.


Helen had never been in serious trouble before and had never had to do more than 50 lines at a time. She knew that the enormous imposition would take up all of her leisure time for the next week. But it was the detention which worried her more. The school was playing an important netball match tomorrow and she was in the team. Tearfully, she had asked Miss Masters if her detention might be postponed. The headmistress had refused.


Finally she had offered Helen one alternative. If the schoolgirl would accept aslipperingthe detention would be reduced to one hour and would take place on Monday afternoon. Her lines, too, would be reduced to 200. Helen had refused. But now all her friends were angry with her and were telling her that she'd made the wrong choice and had let the side down.


"If I'd been given the choice of the slipper, the last time I was sent to Miss Masters, I'd have taken it!" said Claire, a small but well-developed blonde girl. There were a few laughs. The last time Claire had been sent to Miss Masters she had been caned! The girls all remembered how Claire had had to stand up in all her classes for the rest of that day. No doubt she would have been grateful for the option of aslippering!


Claire was the only girl in their year who had had the cane, and after seeing her reactions the others would do their best to avoid it; but they had all, except for Helen, had the slipper either at home or at school and they felt that she was acting like a spoiled little doll in turning down her one chance to play in the match. Even Jenny had received her own firstslipperingjust the week before.


"Oh! Helen!" said Jenny, "It's horrid getting the slipper, of course it is, but it's over in a couple of minutes. You know I got the slipper last week from MissCarterand I hated it. But ten minutes afterwards it was all over and forgotten. If you go back to MissMastersnow and tell her that you'vechanged your mind and that you'll take theslipperingyou'll have forgotten all about it by the time of the match tomorrow. Did she tell you how many whacks you would get?"


"Twelve, over my knickers," said Helen quietly, blushing and lowering her eyes.


"There! That's not so bad!" said Jenny - rather hypocritically as her ownslipperinghad been six whacks over her school skirt. "Come on! Go and see her and get it over!"


Helen looked at her friends. She was always easily influenced, but she was really scared at the prospect of bending down, revealing her teenageknicker-clad bottom to the eyes of her angry headmistress. And then - it would hurt! Helen had never been spanked and she was a physical coward. She knew that MissMastershit a lot harder than MissCarter- whatever Jenny said.


The tall girl's hands went subconsciously to the seat of her blue school skirt as she tried to make her mind up. She chewed her lower lip nervously, her pretty schoolgirl face a picture of indecision.


But Helen had a desperate need to be liked. She could not stand the condemnation of her friends.


"OK, then. I'll do it. I'll go to her now!"


There was a chorus of thanks and good wishes. Helen walked off slowly, perhaps hoping that Jenny would say it had only been a test and that they didn't want her to go through with it after all.


But there was no recall and Helen walked slowly down the empty corridors to the headmistress's study. She paused outside the door. Again her hands went to the seat of her skirt and she rubbed the blue material gently. She was wondering what her bottom would be feeling like in a quarter of an hour's time. She tried to mentally prepare herself before knocking on the door.


Helen resolved that she would take her punishment with dignity. She had broken the rules of the school, she had been caught and now she would pay the penalty. She would accept it with dignity like the great heroines of history - Boadicea, Anne Boleyn and Mary, Queen of Scots. But it was such an undignified punishment! Well! She had to go through with it now. She knocked on the door.


"Come in!"


Helen walked in and closed the door after her. She stood silent in the presence of the headmistress.

"Well, Helen, what is it, girl? Speak up!"


"Please, Miss . . . I'll take theslippering. . ."


"Oh, you will, will you? Well, that option's not available any more. You turned it down. You will go into detention at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon."


Helen was thunderstruck. After all her fears and all her resolutions she wasn't going to beslipperedafter all! Her friends would never believe her - they would think that she'd chickened out again. She just stood there, but tears started to fall from her large blue eyes. Either MissMastershad pity on her or, possibly, she was following a prepared path:


"Very well, Helen. If you are really so important to the school netball team I shall not be unreasonable. Your detention will be reduced to one hour and transferred to Monday and you willtake aslippering. But you have messed me around and your change of mind will cost another six whacks. It will now be eighteen whacks! What do you say, girl?"


"Yes, miss, I'll take theslippering", Helen mumbled, "thank you, miss!" She felt that she now had no choice. She would probably have agreed if MissMastershad told her that she would be caned!


"Very well! You will report here at 2.45 tomorrow afternoon, wearing full netball kit. You may go now."


Helen was shocked: "But . . but I thought . . . you would do it . . . now?"


MissMasterssmiled, grimly. "The only reason for the alteration in your punishment is the netball match. Well, young lady, you may play if you will - but with fresh red slipper marks on your naughty bottom cheeks!"


"But, miss, that's not fair . . ."


"Helen! You don't learn your lessons, do you? I'm only doing this as a concession to you! But you still argue! Well then, you can report here at 2 o'clock, not at quarter to three, and in full kit, remember!"


This time Helen didn't argue. She just turned around and left the room.


When she rejoined her friends Helen's dismal appearance led them to conclude that she'd already had herslippering.


"That wasn't too bad, was it, Helen? And it's all over now!"


Jenny tried to be sympathetic: "I bet you're still sore,Helen! Do you want me to rub some cream on you - it'll stop the stinging."


But Helen broke down in tears and told them what had happened. They comforted her and were sympathetic, but there was somepleasure derived at theat the thought of the spoiled goody-goody getting eighteen whacks from the headmistress's slipper. Only a few girls, such as Claire, had taken that many strokes from MissMastersand she still remembered how much that had bloody well hurt!


The next day, in morning school, Helen was aware of how the other girls were gossiping and giggling about her. She tried to keep a stiff upper lip, but it was hard. The news was now all over the school and at break time girls came up to her offering her a cushion to sit on and teasing her by imitating the whacking sound of a slipper landing on her knickers. Her friends did their best to support her, but time after time she felt her hands stealing towards her bottom in anxious anticipation.


She had to leave her friends before the end of lunchtime to go to the changing rooms. Miss Atkins, the Sports mistress was there. She knew why Helen was changing early and was sympathetic, up to a point:


"I'm sorry, Helen, but it is your fault, you know. I've never known MissMastersto punish a girl who didn't deserve it. And playing netball afterwards is probably the best thing to take your mind off the sting. It's going to hurt, but you'll get over it, you'll live. I got the slipper - and the cane - at schoolwhen I was your age, so I do know what I'm talking about, dear, the important thing is to learn a lesson from this."


Helen was pleased to escape from the well meaning reminiscences as soon as she was changed. She walked to the headmistress's office. It was just before two. She knocked and went in.


The headmistress checked that Helen was wearing full netball kit and then told her to stand in a corner of the room, facing the walls. Helen had to put her hands on her head. She felt the headmistress lean down and pick up the hem of her short netball skirt. She lifted it and pinned it to Helen's white top. Now the schoolgirl's maroon knickers were on full view.


"You will stay there like that until I say otherwise! I intend to slipper you at the time I originally set, a quarter to three, just before the start of the match."


Helen felt that she was blushing and pushed her face as far as possible into the corner. At least nobodybut the headmistress was witnessing her humiliation. Then there came a timid knock at the door.


Suddenly Helen remembered something she had forgotten. Saturday afternoon at two o'clock, when school had finished for the week, was a common time for girls to be sent to the headmistress for punishment!


"Come in!"


Helen cringed in the corner, wishing that the earth would gape wide and swallow her.


A fourteen year old girl entered the study. It was not the first time thatSusanHiggshad been sent for the slipper and the mischievous little girl entered the room with a cheeky smile on her face. She knew that the next few minutes would not be pleasant, but it hadn't hurt too much the other times and she didn't expect this time to be any different. She was, however, rather surprised to see the tall girl standing in the corner. But the way the older girl's skirt was pinned up, revealing herknickeredbottom, made the purpose of her visit rather obvious.


MissMasterstook note of the naughty girl's cheeky grin. She didn't like it when girls returned for punishment too frequently. She would wipe that smile off her face soon enough!


First she asked Helen to turn around.


"You've never had the slipper, have you Helen? Well, it should be instructive for you to witness some punishments before your own bottom receives its warming.


"First, fetch me the slipper. It's on the top of that cabinet."


Helen saw the "slipper" - actually a large black slip-on plimsoll - and passed it to the teacher, trying to avoid the eyes of the younger girl who, she realised, was staring curiously at her. A cane was lying on top of the cabinet next to the plimsoll. As she saw it Helen felt that, bad as things were, they could have been much worse.


MissMastersturned her attention toSusan.


"Bend down,Susan, and hold onto your legs as far down as you can. You are becoming altogether too regular a visitor here. I shall try to discourage you from wanting to pay further visits! Twelve strokes, I think,Susan."


Helen, watching the bending girl, saw no sign of a reaction, butSusanwas actually a little worried - she had expected no more than eight whacks at most; last time she had got six and that had been bending over the desk.


Susanwas soon more worried, still. The headmistress had rolled her blue skirt up, well she had expected that. But then she felt the teacher's hands on her navy knickers, pulling them down!


"Oh no, miss. Not on the bare!" Taken by surpriseSusan's voice was high-pitched, almost a squeak.


"Oh YES, miss! Not smiling now, are we? You've been asking for this and I intend to give you exactly what you deserve! And I advise you to stay bent down, unless you want extra." The teacher pulled the knickers down until they were clear of the girl's bottom.


Helen felt great sympathy for the naughty girl. She knew that her mere presence there as the girl was forced to display her naked buttocks was aggravating her punishment. Despite her sympathy she could not resist gazing at the bared behind. It was so small, so white. What would the headmistress's slipper do to it? She, andSusan, were soon to find out . . .


Helen watched as the headmistress drew the slipper back and then whipped it forward and down onto the white flesh of the fourteen year old girl's bottom. The force of the stroke almost causedSusanto topple forward. Helen was horrified at the force the headmistress was using. It was much harder than she had expected - and this was the punishment of a girl in the year below her own. Her punishment might be even worse.


Outside the door of the headmistress's study two naughty schoolgirls also heard the loud sound as the slipper smacked intoSusan's bottom and felt their spirits drop even lower. It sounded frighteningly loud, even through the wooden door. At least there had been no answering yell from theyoung girl. . .


ButSusanhad only just restrained herself from crying out. The girl had twisted her head round and Helen saw the expression of shock on her face as she looked back at her chastiser. This was hurting a lot more thanSusanhad expected. A bright red stain slowly spread across the pale flesh.


MissMasterswas only starting. She walloped the slipper down, again and again, on the exposed bare flesh. By the time the fifth stroke had made its stinging contactSusan's resistance was fast disappearing and she gave vent to a shrill cry of pain.


"Stay still, girl! Straighten your legs!"


The schoolgirl did her best to obey. She straightened her legs, displaying her now reddened bottom as a tempting target, but was unable to stay quite still. Her little bottom weaved from side to side.

The teacher paused for a moment. She knew that she was now beginning to get through to the silly little girl and she wanted the next stroke, which would mark the half way point of the punishment to really sting. She studied the red, squirming bottom. She had made a good start, but the real punishment was still to come.


She took a firm grip on the plimsoll and took a step back, before stepping forward again and lashing the slipper down with full force for the hardest stroke yet. This time the reaction was dramatic.Susanyelped in pain and leapt upright, several inches into the air. She almost fell over as her knickers dropped to her ankles, unbalancing her. She righted herself, kicking her knickers off, and twisted round to face the teacher, her hands tenderly cupping her outraged bottom cheeks. Helen saw thatSusanhad started to cry. She looked like a little girl now, not the smart-aleck teenager she had appeared when she had entered the room.


"Please, miss, no more!" pleaded the teenager, "Please! It really hurts!"


"It's going to hurt a lot more before I finish, lady! Aslipperingis not meant to be a pleasant experience. And I meant what I said earlier. If you don't get yourself bent down again right now, you will get extra strokes."


"Oh, please miss, no. Please. Have a heart, I won't ever smoke again. Ever!"


The headmistress was implacable. "Bend over,Susan, unless you want four extra whacks!"


The formerly rebellious teenager sniffed back a tear, grimaced and made up her mind to it. Slowly she turned round and leant forward again, presenting her smarting bottom to further ministrations from MissMastersslipper.


"Well done,Susan. You're being sensible. And remember - this is your last chance. If you stand up again, or try to put your hands in the way, you will get extra strokes."


With that the teacher adjustedSusan's skirt, which had fallen back down again, and resumed the punishment. Each stroke seemed, to the watching Helen, to be just as hard as the earlier ones, and each stroke brought franticwrigglingsand loud cries of genuine pain from the bending girl. Outside the room two waiting girls looked at each other in horror.


Helen counted each stroke as it smacked home, dismally reflecting that soon she would be inSusan's place. The fourteen year old was reacting vociferously to each whack but she was evidently determined to stay in position for the whole of her punishment. But Helen was shocked whenSusanjumped up again after only eleven strokes. Had the girl miscounted, or had the cumulative effect of theslipperingbroken her resolve?


Whichever was the case the spanked girl danced around the room holding her bottom and sobbing loudly. MissMastersignored her.


She beckoned to Helen. "Come over here, Helen. Pull out that chair and sit down!"


Wonderingly, Helen obeyed. She was not about to ignore the headmistress in her present mood.

Now the teacher turned to the weeping girl. She caught hold of her and pulled her face up to look her in the eyes.


"I told you that you would receive twelve strokes, and so you will. This behaviour does not impress me at all. You must learn to accept the consequences of your behaviour. As I can't trust you to stay in position by yourself, you will go over HelenRobson's lap and she will hold you in place. You will receive the one remaining stroke of your punishment, plus two penalty strokes."


Susan's will to resist seemed to have been broken. Obediently she lowered herself across the older girl's lap, still sobbing pitifully.


The teacher pulledSusan's skirt up once more and Helen's eyes opened wide at the close-up sight of the poor girl's bottom. It glowed so bright a red that Santa Claus, had he been given the choice, would have selectedSusan's bum rather than Rudolph's nose to guide his sleigh.


"Hold her tightly, Helen. If she gets up again it'll be your bottom that pays for it, not hers!"


Helen was grateful thatSusanwas small for her age, but the girl was obviously in real pain and she wriggled like an eel.


The eighteen year old winced as the slipper came thudding in again onto the younger girl's bottom, evoking frantic yells and wildwrithingsandsquirmings. If anything the last three whacks, now thatSusanwas securely held, were even harder than their predecessors.


Finally it was all over. Breathing somewhat heavily, MissMasterslooked at Helen.


"All right, girl. You can let her go now."


Helen released her grip. Theyounggirl, still writhing, fell to the floor and rolled over and over, crying like a baby.


MissMasterswatched impassively for a moment and then walked to her and grasped her long black hair, now wildly disarranged.


"Stand up,Susan, it's all over."


The spanked girl stood up, although her shaking legs looked as though they might give way. Tears were still cascading from her eyes.


"Put your knickers back on!"


Susanstumbled over to where her discarded knickers lay and slowly eased them up over her sore and swollen rear. Her school skirt fell back into place.


"I hope that that will serve as a lesson to youSusan. I don't want to see you sent here for punishment ever again. But if you are, you can rest assured that next time will hurt a lot more . . .


"Now go out and tell CarolDexterto come in. Then wait outside with Tara Henderson. I want to see all three of you together in my office when you've all been dealt with.


"Helen, stand up and return to the corner!"


On shaky legsSusantottered from the office. Her place was taken by the second of the afternoon's victims.


In contrast toSusan, who had entered the study with a cheerful, cheeky grin on her face, Carol could not have looked more serious or sad. Carol, like Helen, had never been spanked before. She had heard the awful sounds ofSusan's ordeal and had just seen the transformation aslipperinghadwrought in the lively teenager. She was terrified at the thought of her bottom receiving similar treatment.


She stood with her arms at her side in front of the headmistress's desk. She did not take any notice of Helen's presence, too concerned at the thought of what was in store for her bottom.


Fortunately for her, MissMastershad no intention of punishing her with anything like the same degree of severity she had considered appropriate forSusan.

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