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The family pet

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The Family Pet - The O'Connell Chronicles

Synopsis: The story of how a girl is unwillingly converted into a puppy - the family pet.

Author’s Note:  While this is another chapter in the O’Connell Chronicles it is intended to stand alone. For those unfamiliar with the O’Connell Chronicles I would direct you to the first story in the series “The Object of His Affection”. For those hoping for another tale in extreme body modification–well, this is probably not the story you are looking for. Just the same, it will likely hint at future tales (providing I can manage sustained inspiration and figure out how to bring my ideas to the page).

Finally, I want to thank the many fans who have offered comments and support. Your words have helped to inspire me to continue with my sordid tales in spite of a lack of time and sleep. I hope you all find this worth the read. Thank you all.

The Family Pet–The O’Connell Chronicles


They made love. It was long and sensual, soft but forceful. His thick, muscular body pushing down on top of her petit frame, forcing her to endure his penetration regardless of any want she might have. But she did want him. The deeper his thrusts the deeper she wanted him, reveling in the pain his large member brought to her quaking body. Then, at long last, it was over. They lay, side by side, panting as their intermingled sweat trickled onto the damp sheet below. Looking to each other they smiled satisfied and nearly satiated. Then, joining hands for a brief moment, they made love again, finishing shortly before dawn’s first light.

Bill stood at the stove making breakfast. He was naked but for the apron he wore to protect himself from the inevitable splatter of grease that accompanied fried potatoes. Jasmine, his wife of five years, sat at their large dinner table admiring the shape of his posterior, noting the striations in his thighs and calves with prurient enthusiasm, wondering which made her hungrier; the smell of the food or her husband.

“Pancake syrup…it’s not just for breakfast,” she told him, grinning.

“Don’t get any ideas. I have to get to work today,” he told her.

“Just one more time?” she asked, her lips trembling with feigned sadness.

“I know it’s Saturday, but they need me. We have a new line coming out. Who knows, I might even give you a taste.”

“Fuck no!” she replied. “The last thing I want is to look like a bimbo or to be one of those toys you make. I’ll stick with the research and let the others have the‘fun’.”

“Hah, you’re no fun, baby. I just want to do your lips,” Bill kidded. “You know, so you can give the perfect blow job.”

“I don’t know who is more sick…you for doing it or me for doing the work that makes it possible,” Jasmine said. “I mean this isn’t exactly what you would call normal…or even ethical.”

“And that, my love,” he said, offering her a piece of syrup soaked bacon “is why you like it. They aren’t willing…mostly.”

“I do like that,” she grinned. “Am I evil?”

A ringing phone took their attention from the moment. “Finish making breakfast, lover, I’ll get the phone.”

Moments later, Jasmine returned with the phone. “It’s Patricia. Bill, her boyfriend kicked her out of his house.”

“That guy was always a prick. I don’t know why she was ever with him,” Bill said, his eyes flashing anger.

Jasmine frowned. “It’s worse than that. She didn’t want to tell us when it happened but she lost her job a couple months ago and hasn’t been able to find work. Bill, she has nowhere to go. Do you think she could stay here for a bit? Just until she gets on her feet.”

Bill looked at her, a questioning look in his eyes. “Well, it’s sort of up to you. I don’t mind but I don’t know how you would feel with her staying here. You’ve not been a fan of my ex-girlfriends, after all.”

“She was at our wedding, Bill. You know I like her and, well, you two were over long before we got together,” Jasmine replied. “I mean it’s not like there is anything between you two anymore. I know that. She can stay for as long as she needs. We have more than enough rooms. Tell her.”

“Okay, baby, I’ll tell her,” he replied, taking the phone from her outstretched hand.

Chapter 1

“Thank you so much for taking me in,” Patricia told her saviors. “I really don’t know what I would have done without you. I promise…promise, promise, promise I will get out of here as soon as I can. I can’t thank you enough!”

“Don’t worry,” Jasmine told the Amazonian woman. “You’re family. Bill loves you, I love you and, if you don’t love us we will have to kill you.”

“Thanks, guys. Really,” she sighed, hugging them both.

“Look, dinner is almost ready. I am going to go in and finish it up. Bill can show you to your room and help you get your things inside. You said it’s, mostly in storage?”

“I just brought necessities. Everything else…well, I paid for six months storage up front and I figure I should have another job and be able to rent another house by then,” Patricia said. “And I promise to help out around here as much as I can. I don’t have anything to pay rent with but I will pay you back as soon as I can. God, I can’t thank you enough!”

“Cut it out,” Bill said. “Let’s get you settled.”

Later that night, Bill and Jasmine lay in bed, a passionate session of lovemaking having just finished.

“I about shit my pants when I saw her in a t-shirt and shorts, Bill. I see what you liked about her,” Jasmine said. “I mean, she has a huge chest, great legs and beautiful hair. You sure did go the other route when you got me.”

Bill smiled at his wife, seeing her minor insecurity. “Not really. You may be short, but you’ve just as nice a body and your hair is every bit as beautiful as hers. More so,‘cause it’s yours.”

“You’re a sweet liar. I love you though,” she said, kissing his cheek. “Was she into all the BDSM and stuff we used to be into when we first got going? I mean, was she as extreme?”

“Yes and no,” Bill responded. “You’re more into the physical aspects and she is more about mind control. I mean, she does like to be tied up and humiliated, but she was so susceptible to mind controlling techniques that…well, there wasn’t much I couldn’t make her do.”

“Not much, eh?” Jasmine asked, her right eyebrow cocked questioningly. “Do tell.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Tell me what you made her do,” she said.

“Well, gee, it’s not so much what I made her do but what I caused her to do,” Bill told her.

“Tell me!” she demanded in mock anger.

Bill smiled and kissed her. “I made it so she hated vaginal sex and loved anal sex, for one thing. I also got her to wear a plug for a year straight. Then I got her used to enemas. She told me she still needs them to take a shit. I got her to cum on command and, later on, to a specific word. Then there was…”

“Hold on,” Jasmine interrupted. “You got her to cum to a word?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“What word? Does it still work?”

“Yes it does and I’m not going to tell you. If I do you will torture the poor girl,” Bill said, laughing. “Don’t you think she has enough on her plate?”

“But what if I want to keep her?”

“You’re kidding, right?” Bill asked, surprised. “You never wanted to bring in another woman before. Why would you want to bring one in now?”

“Bill, she’s gorgeous. Besides, it would give us someone to play with,” Jasmine said. “Besides, we don’t play that way with each other anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t really want to play with you that way. What we have is beyond the gimmicks and gadgets. But wouldn’t it be fun to have someone to play with?”

“Jaz, she is my best friend. I couldn’t do that to her.”

“I could,” she said, a wicked grin on her lips. “She might like it. She liked it before.”

“Baby, Patricia is straight…doesn’t like girls. How is she gonna like that?”

Jasmine pursed her lips for a moment. “Tell me the word. I just want to see if it works.”

“Fine, but you can’t let her know and you have to make it seem natural if you use it,” Bill told her. “Promise?”

“Promise!” Patricia said, her eyes gleaming with anticipation.

“It’s more of a phrase. If you sing “Auld Lang Syne” she will orgasm,” He said. It was rotten of me but I always wanted her to start the new year off with a bang, so to speak.”

Jasmine clapped her hands, chuckling with delight. “How artfully sadistic of you. I imagine her New Years dates were amused as hell!”

“She told me about a few,” he replied, smiling. “It did make for interesting times for the poor girl. Now, remember your promise.”

“I will. Don’t worry. Now, what other things did you do to the poor girl?”

“You’re so bad. I’ll tell you, but on one condition. You have to suck my cock while I tell you.”

Chapter 2

Jasmine lay between Bill’s legs, her mouth wrapped around his hard shaft. Stroking him with her right hand while taking his cock into the deepest regions of her throat, she listened intently to the tortures he had inflicted on his closest friend and former lover.

“Patricia can only cum on command,” he told her. “If she does not hear the specific phrase‘cum for me’she cannot reach orgasm. With most people this would have been a difficult task but, with her, it was relatively easy.

“Tell me how,” she mouthed around his cock, moaning with anticipation.

“Before her training sessions I would install a small remote device in her pussy. It was held in by thin leather straps that kept it deep inside her body. Small wires with tiny clamps attached to her labia,” he said, his voice filled with pleasure at both his wife’s efforts and the tale he was telling. “If she came without command I triggered the device, causing her excruciating pain.. Of course, if she asked for and was granted permission to cum she did not suffer.”

“That’s so fucking hot!” Patricia murmured.

“Suck me,” he commanded. “After weeks of training she had no trouble in withholding her orgasms. It wasn’t until after we broke up and she had found a new man that she realized she could not cum without being told to do so. She harassed me for that, vowing to overcome it.”

“Has she?” she asked.

“The last time we talked about it–three months ago–she said she still needs the order.”

“Tell me more,” Jasmine demanded.

“Lick my ass, slut,” Bill ordered, lifting his legs and sliding a pillow beneath his rear. “Lick it good if you want more. Push that tongue inside me and suck like a good girl.”

Obediently, she worked on his rear hole, penetrating as deeply as she could with her tongue. “Tell me more. Please, I want to know more.”

“I ruined her pussy. Every day…every night…there was nothing I did not do to her pussy. I fucked it with my hand, bottles and anything I could find. I stretched her beyond anything I had thought possible. I tortured her pussy, spanking it with belts and switches. She loved the pain, even as she hated it. Even her clit. I tortured it. We used razor blades, cutting into her delicate flesh. Eventually, there was little I could do to bring pain to her pussy.”

“More,” she murmured.

“Eventually, we stopped playing with her pussy. It was useless. There was no sensation. Nothing. Her clit, her pussy…inside and out. Short of risking severe damage she had no sensation. So we concentrated on her ass and tits.”

“Oh God!” Jasmine moaned, an orgasm tearing through her body.

“I want you to ride my cock now,” he told her. “Sit your ass on my cock and ride me.”

Slowly, Jasmine rose from the bed and straddled him, her gaze meeting his. Reaching back, she took his hard cock in her hands and pushed it to her anal opening and eased her weight down on top of him. She moaned as she stretched around him. Then, after leaning forward, hands on his chest, she began wiggling her hips back and forth.

“More, please?” she asked, her voice small and high.

“I forced her to wear a plug. She resisted, at first. It hurt after short periods. I insisted she get used to it and, after about two weeks, she did. For the next year she was never without it. That’s when I began giving her enemas.”

“God!” Patricia moaned as she climaxed, begging for more as the orgasm passed.

“Each day,” Bill continued, “I gave her two enemas. One in the morning and one at night. She was only allowed to use the toilet to piss. If she needed to shit, I gave her an enema. I wanted to take away as much control over her body as I could. I had no idea it could be permanent but after a six months of receiving two enemas a day for a full year she asked if we could ease the anal play.”

Jasmine ground on his body, another orgasm reaching its crescendo. “Don’t stop.”

“Her ass had become quite loose and she worried she might have lost control,” he said. “But it was worse than that. She couldn’t go to the bathroom. No matter how full she was or how she tried, she couldn’t go.”

“More,” Jasmine cried, cumming yet again.

“Finally, after a three day period of her being unable to go, she begged for an enema. After that we resumed the twice daily enemas.”

The girl riding his hard cock cried out, falling to the bed. “No more. Please, no more.”

“Not yet, slut!” he told her, his voice cruel and lust filled. “Time for my pleasure!”

Rolling the girl to her belly, he lifted her head and shoved his cock into her mouth, making her suck the musky scent from him. Satisfied, he withdrew from her mouth and climbed on top of her.

“Reach back and spread that ass, bitch!”

They moaned in unison as his cock penetrated her rear sphincter, yet again. A moment passed as he pushed hard, ensuring he was as deep as he could manage. Then, laying his weight upon her, he began thrusting into her.

“You like that, eh slut?” he asked. “You like what I did to her?”

“Yes,” she hissed.

“Take this, then,” he growled, plunging into her a final time, spewing his life giving juices into his helpless lover. “Take it!”

For long and long they lay still, his large body pressing down upon her contrasting frame, his cock growing soft inside her. Finally, rolling off of her, her commanded she clean his cock of their juices. Sleep, gentle and filled with dreams, soon overcame them.

Chapter 3

Two weeks had passed with no leads on a job. Patricia had been searching long and hard for new employment only to find a long list of common rejections. Still, she had found comfort in her new living quarters. Both Patricia and Bill were gracious, never pressuring her or making her feel down about taking up space in their home.

“Why don’t you get your stuff out of storage and bring it here?” Jasmine asked her. “We have tons of space in our garage and it would get you some money back.”

Two weeks later, and with no more job prospects, she finally agreed to bring her things to the house.

“What are you doing?” Bill asked his wife. “I know you are up to something.”

Jasmine grinned and tilted her head, flipping her hair. “Why Bill, whatever gave you that idea?”

“You aren’t this friendly…even to Patricia. So what’s going on?”

“Bill,” Jasmine said. “I want to keep her.”

“What do you mean‘keep her’?” he asked.

“I don’t know. Maybe we could keep her as a pet. Like a puppy or something.”

Bill smirked, looking down. “This is my best friend. I love her. I can’t do to her what we do to those other girls. I mean…I could, but I won’t.”

“Didn’t you tell me that Jerry was chastising you about having someone stay here?” she asked. “Aren’t you risking us and Chimera to help a friend?”

“What’s that got to do with it?”

“Didn’t you always say you missed spending time with her?” Jasmine persisted.

“I don’t see the point…”

“Bill, we can keep her here. You can spend time with her. We can both enjoy her and, to top it off, it fixes the risk factor of her finding out what we do and letting the cat out of the bag!”

“No!” he told her. “It isn’t going to happen.”

“Fine,” she blurted.

“I can still play with her while you’re out of town at that HFM convention.”

“Baby…please leave her alone. I don’t want any trouble. Remember, she is my friend. She isn’t an experiment or a toy.”

“Okay, baby,” she said.

“I’m serious. I am only going to be gone for two weeks and I don’t want anything going on. Okay?”

“Yes, sir,” Jasmine said, saluting and clicking her heels together.

“Good girl,”

The night was drawing to a close as dinner found its way to the dinner table. Jovial tones of old times crossed between the former lovers, spurred on by Jasmine’s prodding. Before long, they had collapsed onto the living room couch, drunk on wine, memories and the promise of memories to come.

“Kiss me,” Jasmine told Patricia. “I want to see how you kiss.”

Giggling, Patricia leaned in to give her the requested kiss, turning away at the last moment. “Don’t be mad at me…it’s not you. I just…I’m just not into girls.”

“Don’t worry it, sweetheart,” Jasmine smiled. Maybe you can show me how it looks to kiss Bill?”

Patricia turned to Bill, unsure of her course of action. Her face was red, flush with embarrassment and drunken excitement at the thought of kissing her former lover–the man who, she felt, created her.

Turning to Bill, Jasmine reached out to take his hand in hers. Pulling him close, she whispered loudly in his ears. “I want to see you kiss her.”

Bill looked towards Patricia and smiled. Leaning across his wife, he reached his hand to Patricia’s head and gently pulled her to him, their lips meeting in a long, wet kiss. Lingering for a moment, he pulled away and looked to his smiling wife.

“What did you think?” Bill asked, excited at the possibilities that now ran through his mind.

Jasmine leaned forward, reaching her hand around his head and pulling him to her. They kissed deeply, their excitement adding to the moment. Breaking their kiss, he turned to Patricia and, with a tilt of his head and a soft word of encouragement, drew her in for another kiss.

Standing, Bill turned and headed towards the bedroom. Walking slowly, he began removing his shirt.

“Follow me, girls,” he commanded, halting his motion long enough to glance behind him. “I want you both naked and in my bed.”

Patricia, her mind and body in full submission rose and followed. Briefly, a moment of reason came to her and she looked back at Jasmine, silently questioning her actions.

“He hates to be disobeyed. You know that,” Jasmine said softly. “We had better do as he says.”

“Yes,” Patricia muttered, slightly dazed. “He hates to wait.”

“You’ve never been with a woman?” Jasmine asked, removing her clothes as she followed Patricia to the bedroom.

“No. I had one go down on me once, but that’s all. I couldn’t have done it if he hadn’t made me,” the tall girl said.

“What are you going to do if he orders you to kiss me?”

“I don’t know,” she answered, discarding her shorts.

“Are you saying you will obey him?” Jasmine prodded, enjoying Patricia’s discomfort.

“I…I don’t know.”

“What if he makes you go down on me? What if he wants to watch us together?”

Patricia’s brow furrowed, worry pushing her excitement into the background. She stopped for a moment, unsure of herself.

“He hates to wait,” Jasmine said, excited at her friend’s discomfort. “You know how he is.”

“I can’t do this,” Patricia said. “I can’t. What if he does want to see us together? I can’t.”

The two women stood in the hall, watching each other. “Go ahead, then. I understand and I am sure he will too.”

Patricia smiled and pulled Jasmine close, relieved. “Thank you. And…I’m sorry. I just can’t do this. Besides, I don’t want to be a possible cause for trouble between you two.”

“Trish,” she said, holding the girl by her shoulders. “It wouldn’t cause problems. He isn’t the only one who wants this.”

“But…I can’t. Even if you are okay with it….even if you want it…I can’t.”

Just then, Bill’s slipped into the hall, his large, powerful, naked frame fully visible to the two women. His displeasure clear by his expression.

“Patricia, Jasmine…get in her, now,” he said, his voice low and commanding. Then, pointing to Jasmine, “I want you on my right and you, Patricia, on my left. Now, come, my darlings.”

Suddenly, Patricia’s will left her and she found herself fall into a dreamlike state and obeying Bill’s command. Jasmine, amused by her friend’s instant response, followed close behind. 

Chapter 4

Bill lay between the contrasting beauties. To his left reclined the love of his life, Jasmine; petit, buxom and soft. She was his ideal woman, both in body and mind. On his right, trembling, slightly dazed and afraid, lay Patricia. Tall, blond and muscular, she was the epitome of the fabled Amazons. Tonight, he would have them both.

Smiling, Bill put forth his commands, his baritone voice filling the ears of the two women. “Patricia, I want you to suck my cock.”

Nearly void of will, she eased her way down his body and took his cock in her mouth, sucking his already dripping member into her throat.

“Jasmine,” he said , sliding a pillow beneath his posterior and making Patricia hesitate for a moment. “Eat my ass.”

Thrilled, as she always was when he deigned to command her, Jasmine slipped downward between his lifting knees. She reached in with her hands, pulling his buttocks apart and buried her face between the cheeks of his well-toned ass and extended her tongue to lick the puckered hole.

For a moment, the gaze of the two women met and they watched as the other performed her ordered task. Breaking the stare, Patricia looked past Jasmine to the pictures that lined the walls. Dreamily, she thought of how it might have been her in those images had she not… Bill groaned, disturbing Patricia from her thoughts as he pushed her head down, holding her firmly by her long blonde hair. He began thrusting into the back of her throat,

awash with the pleasure the two women were providing.

With no warning, he pulled the tall blond from his cock and drew her lips to his. “I still own you, don’t I?” he asked, his voice a breathy whisper.

“Yes,” she breathed back and closed her eyes.

“Auld Lang Syne”, he muttered.

“No,” she gasped, staring into his eyes in the dim light.

“Auld Lang Syne,” he repeated. Suddenly her body tensed, curling slightly as she fought off the impending orgasm.

“Please don’t. I don’t want to be controlled that way anymore,” she begged.

“Auld Lang Syne,” he said again, his voice more commanding than before.

Muscles clenched throughout her body and her strength gave way. Suddenly, she climaxed.

“Old Lang Syne,” Bill repeated another time and another and another.

Again and again, she came, her will entirely his to command. “Please…” she managed before another orgasm passed through her body. Another iteration of‘Auld Lang Syne’and she was lost, her body falling into a fit of orgasms, unordered, unprompted and beyond her control. Patricia cried out after each climactic moment, eyes begging silently for Bill to stop making her cum.

Bill watched sadistically, his cock hard, while she struggled to gain control of her body. Looking towards his wife, who no longer performed her assigned duties, he could see her watching Patricia, mesmerized by his exhibition of control. Then, as if to demonstrate further control, he winked at his wife.

“Halt!” he commanded, instantly silencing Patricia’s moans.

He waited for a moment, his hand up, holding Jasmine to silence. Smiling, he watched as Patricia fell into a near instant and deep slumber, curled up on her side.

“What do you think, Jaz?” he asked, smiling arrogantly.

“Can we keep her?” Jasmine asked.

“Hah! Ready for more?” he asked.

“More? Oh my God. Yes!” she replied.

“Patricia,” he said, his voice soft but clear.

“Yes Master?” came her dreamy reply.

“Rub your pussy for me.”

Eyes still closed, half sleeping and half in delirium, Patricia’s right hand slipped between her legs and began rubbing her pussy.

“How does that feel?” Bill asked.

“It doesn’t feel like anything, Master,” she returned.

“Why not?”

Because we ruined my pussy, Sir.”

“Patricia, would you like your ass filled?” he asked.

“Yes, Master,” she whispered.

Turning to his wife, Bill ordered she retrieve an inflatable plug from the closet. She nearly jumped from the bed, running to retrieve the object. Quickly, she slid open the mirrored closet door, nearly knocking it from its tracks and shoved her hand into their toy box.

“I have your favorite toy,” he told her as he tapped her thighs. “Lift your legs for me.”

Patricia smiled through her dream-like state and brought her knees to her chest. “Thank you, Master.”

Patricia found the plug and came to Bill with plug held out, much as a child might display a favorite toy. He directed her to wet the plug with her mouth and then to insert it into Patricia’s bottom.

“How much would you like to be stretched?” he asked.

“Whatever pleases you, Sir,” she answered.

“Pump it,” he ordered his wife.

Moans escaped the dazed girl’s lips as the plug began inflating. She grasped at the thick comforter beneath her and she wiggled her bottom in a vain attempt to fuck the inflating plug.

“Does it feel good?”

“Yes,” she hissed. “So good, Master.”

Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled. “May I cum, Master?”

“Not yet, darling,” he said.

Patricia’s need grew and she wiggled more frantically. “Please, Sir, may I cum now?”

“Not yet.”

Over and over she asked, begging for release, each pump adding to her need for release.

“Please, I need to cum so bad! Please!”

Again, he repeated those hated words. “Not yet.”

“Please,” she begged, her voice becoming ever more frantic “I’ll do anything you want! Please!”

“Will you eat Jasmine?”

“I can’t!”

“Then you won’t get to cum,” he told her.

For long and long she struggled, her repeated request for relief receiving the same reply of negation. Over and over the scene repeated. Finally, unable to resist her needs, she gave in.

“When she cums I will let you cum,” Bill told her.

“Oh, God, I need to cum so bad!” she responded.

At Bill’s urging, Jasmine took his place on their large bed. She lay back, spreading her legs. Bill grabbed Patricia’s thick blond hair and pushed her between his wife’s legs. She hesitated for a moment, prompting Bill to wiggle the fully inflated plug in the girl’s ass. Moaning with frustration and pleasure, Patricia began lapping at the shaven cleft between the tiny girl’s legs.

“Oh, God…I’m cumming already!” Jasmine screamed.

“Cum for me,” Bill whispered into Patricia’s ear.

Suddenly, the room filled with deafening groans and screams. Jasmine grabbed Patricia’s hair and pulled her against her wet hole. Ejaculate spilled forth from Jasmine’s sex and filled the attending mouth.

“Swallow it! Oh, God, swallow it!” Jasmine screamed.

Patricia, her mind awash in pleasure and numb to thought, obeyed Jasmine’s command. She slurped at the gush of liquid that squirted forth and drank in as much as she could.

“Cum for me,” Bill urged the women.

The room, still filled with loud moans, reached a larger crescendo than before. The two women screamed with pleasure, both gushing warm, thick liquid from between their legs. Then, as suddenly as it had began their orgasms subsided.

Bill reached down and deflated the bladder, removing it from Patricia’s ass, replacing it with his swollen member. He stroked, long and hard before exploding and filling her with his own fluids.

“Come over here,” he said to his wife as he lifted a vacant eyed Patricia to her knees. Jasmine obeyed, her own eyes giving lie to a similar state.

“Nothing goes to waste tonight,” he told Jasmine, directing her to slide beneath his recent conquest.

“Open your mouth and slide your head under her ass,” he told her.

Guiding Patricia so her bottom’s gaping hole was directly over Jasmine’s mouth, he told her “Push.”

Slowly, a thick flow of liquid exited her ass, the girl below her receiving it in her open mouth. Repeating his command, the girl continued to push the warm, milky fluid from her body and into the waiting mouth below.

Bill kneeled down and whispered into Jasmine’s ear. “Swallow.”

Jasmine, her full consciousness returning to her, swallowed, disbelieving the events which were transpiring.

“Good girl,” he told her. “Now, eat her ass and make her cum.”

He pushed Patricia downward, forcing her to rest part of her weight on Jasmine’s face. Once again, Bill ordered his wife to action. “Eat her ass, my little slut!”

Jasmines eyes widened, emotions torn between the excitement and anger she felt at such a humiliation.

“Now! I want you to eat her,” he said, his voice deep and stern.

Jasmine ran through the scenario before her, still angry and excited. She looked up at him and gazed into his steady eyes. Then, as if guided by some unseen force, she opened her mouth and began licking and sucking the damp, cum oozing opening.

Patricia’s eyes opened wide, excitement overcoming her body. She shook and moaned, fighting to retain her balance. The orgasm built quickly and with a sharpness that was beyond her grasp.

“Please my I cum?” she cried out.

“Cum for me,” Bill ordered.

Patricia moaned loudly, squirting the evidence of her orgasm and covering Jasmine with her juices.

“May I cum?” she cried out again.

“Cum for me,” he ordered.

Patricia begged again and again for release. Again and again she received the command that allowed her pleasure. Then, as before, pleasurable orgasms turned to unstoppably painful, locking her body in constant spasms.

“Halt!” he commanded, mercifully. Relieved, exhausted and delirious, Patricia fell to the bed, consciousness leaving her.

For many moments Jasmine lay silent with closed eyes. Her face, neck and chest were covered in the sticky residue of Patricia’s many orgasms. For long and long she struggled to find her voice, helpless for ought but blurred vision. At long last, she turned over and propped herself up on her elbows staring up at her husband. Bill watched, amused at his wife’s dreamy state. Rarely had he seen her this way and he wanted to catalogue the moment.

“God, I came so hard, Bill,” she whispered. “Fuck, Bill, why didn’t you tell me she was like this?”

“We never got that far, remember?”

“Bill,” she said, still whispering. “Can we keep her?”

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