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Unspeakable Proposal

By Brenda Stokes Lee

Published by Daddy’s Girl Publishing House

Charlotte, NC 28269

Copyright © Daddy’s Girl Publishing House and Author 2009, 2012

All rights are reserved and under copyright law will be strictly enforced.

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This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please support our author and purchase your own copy. This ebook is available for sale atAmazonandBarnes and Nobel’sandGrown Folks Books. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Publisher’s Note

This is completely a work of fiction. Names, places, characters, personalities, scenarios, situations and incidents that occur within this work are products of the author’s vivid imagination, or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance, similarity, or likeness to actual persons, living or dead, groups, business establishments, organizations, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Without limiting the rights under the copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be produced, reenacted, reproduced, retrieved, stored in, or introduced into any retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form, by any means whether electronic, mechanical, recording, photocopying, scanning, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of both the copyright owner and the publisher.


To those of you who are aware of the difficulties of writing, proofing and editing a novel, the author deems it unnecessary to make any excuse or apology for the imperfections which may occasionally be found in this work of fiction.  Her objective has been to be entertaining; if that has been accomplished in any form or in any degree, she will be amply rewarded for her labor. She relies upon the generous liberality of her readers to forgive and overlook the errors which may have been overlooked in her endeavors to please and entertain them. Daddy’s Girl Publishing


Hope’s big brown eyes darkened with desire as she kicked off her red stiletto heels, and seductively slid her bare foot along the leg of the gorgeous man who sat across the table from her. A sinister smile crept swiftly across his face as her nimble foot moved slowly along his thigh to his groin. Quickly scanning the crowded restaurant he made sure no one was watching. Hope’s eyes never once left him. She didn’t give a damn who saw them or what they thought about what she was doing to him. She had to have this man. Her body craved this man and she didn’t care who knew it.

Pressing her foot firmly at the base of his crotch she beganmethodically to massage his dick through his custom, tailored slacks. His left eyebrow arched as he considered the blatant sexual advances of his stunning lunch date. His head and judgment quickly became clouded with lust as her foot stroked his large dick to a rigidity he had not experienced since he was a teenager. God how he wanted to pull his hard dick out, bend this magnificently sexy woman over the table and fuck her in front of everyone.

“Waiter! Check please!” He yelled as he placed his credit card on the table. “Woman I’m going to take you to my condo, rip your clothes off and fuck you until you can’t walk!”

“I’d like that... I’d like that a lot.” Hope mumbled as she lost herself in his clear blue eyes.

“You’d like what?”John Sabin asked. Hope didn’t respond. Caught up in her fantasy she never heard him. “Ms. Moran are you okay? You look a little flushed. Let me get you some water. Waiter! Can we have a fresh glass of ice water, please?”

Quickly snapping back to reality, Hope struggled to recover from her inappropriate, erotic daydream. “I’m fine! I’m sorry... I must have spaced out for a moment. I’m okay.” She tried to convince him, as she took the glass of water from the waiter and gulped it down to cool off.

“Alright if you say so... I can’t let anything happen to the firm’s best client on my watch.” He chuckledas he suspiciously eyed her to make sure she was actually alright.

Tax Attorney JohnSabin took a final look at the completed tax return in his hand before stealing a forbidden glance at the striking woman before him. She was breathtaking and the words that he truly wanted to say got caught up with the words he was trying to say and he suddenly found himself tongue tied. Coughing to clear his head and the awkward silence he immediately diverted his attention from the extraordinarily rich and beautiful Hope Moran.

“Please excuse me. I know that probably sounded so rude, but something got caught in my throat.” He was right, it was his heart.

“Is everything okay?” She asked, concerned.

“Yes, everything is perfect. Okay... Well your personal taxes are complete and ready for your review and signature.”

“Great I’ll take a quick look at them on the ride back to your office. Ihonestly I need to get home. By the way... Thank you for inviting me out to lunch. I know your schedule was probably hectic today. I genuinely appreciate the extra attention you give to my account.”

“It’s my pleasure.I wish I could take you out for dinner sometime. I actually enjoy your company.”

“Now you are just being kind or sucking up. I’m not quite sure which one. At any rate, lunch was delicious and I’m ready to go whenever you are.”

“Sure. Let me just take care of the check. Could you excuse me for just one second?I promise we’ll leave the moment I return.”

“No problem.”Hope smiled.

John quickly located his waitress and gave her his American Express card to settle the bill. Flustered and disoriented he headed for the men’s room. “What the fuck is wrong with you man? Get your shit together!” He vented as he grabbed his hard dick and readjusted it in his slacks. “Hope Moran is worth over two hundred million dollars and you have the audacity to entertain fucking her. No! Fucking with that woman is suicide. You might as well stick a nine millimeter in your mouth and pull the damn trigger! Okay... Okay... We are going back out there, and you’d better keep your head down and shut the fuck up!” John snorted as he vigorously jerked his now semi hard manhood three times, never once noticing the man at the urinal. “I don’t want to have this conversation with you again! Dumbass!”

“Are you okay?” Theelderly man cautiously asked.

John washed his hands and splashed water on his face. “Yes, I’mfine. Sorry for the outburst, but this IDIOT right here just needed a stern lecture.” He responded as he grabbed his now limp and ashamed dick one final time. “Enjoy your day sir. Oh, by the way, you have marinara sauce on your tie.” John casually remarked as he adjusted his own tie and took a final look at the reflection of his fineness in the mirror.


On the ride back to his office, Hope scanned the mound of papers that comprised her personal tax return, as John effortlessly maneuvered his late model Lexus through the busy Charlotte traffic. She trusted John; and she knew her return was in order. He had been her personal tax attorney since she inherited her grandfather’s vast estate almost three years ago.

“Everything looks good. I’ll sign the return as soon as we get back to your office.” She smiled as she closed the file.

“Great because we’re here now. I’ll file them today.” He beamed as he caught a glimpse of Hope’s long, toned legs. “Don’t even think about it.” He breathed to himself.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Did you say something to me?”Hope asked puzzled.

“No... I was just talking to myself.” He replied, a little embarrassed she almost heard him.

John parked the car in asheltered, remote parking spot on the roof of the enormous parking garage attached to his high-rise office building. “Hope, I am so sorry. I wasn’t thinking. I should have let you out in front of the building. This is my favorite space. I’m sorry, I can drive you back down stairs, or we can just walk across the bridge and take the elevator down to my office from here. On second thought… Let me just drive you to the front of my building.”

“Nonsense, I’mokay. It’ll give us a few more moments to be alone.”

“I guess I was on auto pilot. This is my normal parking space. I like to park up here because people rarely venture to the roof to park. They are usually too lazy or in too big of a hurry to park up here. Besides there’s always plenty of parking on the lower level. Actually, I like it here because it assures me that no one is going to park next to me and scratch up my car. The bonus is the view from here is spectacular and I get a good, painless, quick workout by taking the stairs instead of the elevator.”

Hopesurveyed the deserted rooftop parking lot. She instantly fell in love with John’s parking space. It afforded her the perfect opportunity to do something she’d wanted to do since the very first day she met John and that was to sample his soft lips. Throughout the entire lunch date, she could think of nothing else. Now, she found herself alone in a secluded location with her secret obsession. She knew she had to make her move. It was now or never.

“Actually, I think it’s kind of romantic.” She flirted as her hand casually found a resting place on his knee.

John chuckled. “Really, you don’t think it’s too desperate or predictable, to say the least? I mean the whole story sounds a little too cheesy. It’s like the guy who conveniently runs out of gas on a quite country road while taking his girl home from a late night date.”

Hopegiggled. “Maybe… But I doubt if that was your intention John Sabin. Actually, I don’t think it’s cheesy at all. Surely, it’s no more desperate than me allowing my hand to carelessly fall on your knee.”

Leaning towards himslowly Hope stopped just short of touching his lips. Her eyes met and engaged his. She wanted to kiss him; and she wanted to make damn sure he knew it. Without hesitation or reservation, John leaned closer to her and sampled her lips. Sucking ever so gently on her bottom lip he assured her he was all in. Hope was ecstatic he was as attracted to her as she was to him. She wasted no time, running her fingers through his hair as she seductively slid her tongue along the opening between his lips.

Seconds later they were locked in a heated lovers embrace. John suckedHope’s tongue deep into his mouth, quickly wrestling it into submission as his hand squeezed her firm heavy breast through her blouse. Hope was literally on fire with need and consumed by the flames of desire. Her fingers trembled as she began to undo the buttons of her blouse.

“Hope, I know this is so unprofessional, but woman you are so amazingly stunning. My body loses control every time I see you. I’ve battled with my feelings for far longer than I care to admit. If it costs me my job, I will have you today.” John’s sultry voice fervently declared as he nibbled on Hope’s ear lobe.

Hopewas so excited she couldn’t even respond to him. Her body literally ached for John to touch her. Pulling her top off, John resumed kissing and fondling her breasts. Without a second thought, Hope hiked up her red pencil skirt, climbed over the console and straddled him. John immediately pushed his seat back as far as it would go and tilted it in the full recline position. He couldn’t believe what was about to happen, but he’d be damned if he tried to stop it.

John’s dick instantly grew harder than an uncut Siberian diamond every single time Hope Moran’s name was even mentioned around the firm. He had been attracted to her from the moment they met, but he knew she was off limits. It would have been career suicide to reveal his feelings to Hope or anyone else for that matter. Hope’s account was the largest account the firm had ever acquired. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who screwed that account up would be terminated instantly.

John loved his job, so he put hislibido and his desire for Hope on ice and left it there. After all, what would a woman whose net worth was almost a quarter of a million dollars want or need with a man like him? He had nothing tangible to offer her except an exceptionally hard, big dick. If John sold his house, his car and everything else he owned, and died he would still have a net worth of less than two million dollars. It was absurd to even entertain the fantasy of dating Hope Moran, so he promptly dismissed the notion of loving her until this very moment.

Now, Hopehad always been the aggressor when it came to sex. She knew exactly what she wanted and exactly how she wanted it. Towards that end, she didn’t hesitate to unbuckle John’s pants to show him just how much she wanted him. Freeing his rapidly expanding manhood from its fabric prison, Hope took matters in her own hands. Stunned, John gasped and then groaned loudly as she stroked him and sucked on his tongue. Without a moment's delay, he loosened his tie, unbuttoned his shirt, and laid back so Hope could have her way with him.

Hope marveled at the girth of his manhoodas it jerked and throbbed violently in her hand. “Oh my, my, my... He is a very impressive specimen. Ahhh, look at him… He’s so agitated, so menacing. Don’t worry big guy… I’ll soon fix that.” She purred.

With that said, she immediately went to worksoothing John’s throbbing hard dick and submitting it to her control. Holding it with a firm but gentle grip she slid her hands up and down its length. Back and forth and back and forth her hand glided until both Big John and Little John were mesmerized by the steady, precise rhythm of her hand. Hope had magic hands, and John enjoyed every second of her intimate massage.

“Oh my damn, that feels incredible.” John unconsciously breathed as his eyes rolled to the back of his head like a pair ofcrystal blue marbles.

“I assume you like the way my hand makes you feel.”She teased.

“Woman, ifthat’s what you assume you have come to the wrong damn conclusion because my body loves the way your hand makes it feel.” He groaned as his eyes glazed over with lust and then slowly closed.

A devilish grin kissedHope’s face. She knew she finally had John exactly where she wanted him, and he was officially hers for the taking. She could tell he wanted her as bad as she wanted him. His dick was growing and growing so rapidly she thought it would never stop. John was significantly well endowed for a man. Some would even venture to say he would even be considered blessed if he was a Clydesdale horse. Naturally, Hope was one of those people. John was thoroughly enjoying her hand, but she just had to have a taste of his horse meat.

Lowering her head she gaveJohn’s dick a big hard lick. She groaned loudly, and her eyes rolled around in her head as she quickly sucked it into her warm mouth. John’s head tossed to and fro on the headrest as she hollowed her cheeks and sucked his hard member to the back of her throat. Swallowing, she took a few more gulps of it before popping it out and starting all over again. John’s eyes immediately popped open as he watched Hope handle his dick. He smiled and nodded, affirming to himself she was unquestionably Wifey material.

Slipping hisfree hand between her thighs he located her wet spot. Hope’s pussy was shaved as smooth as a baby’s ass, just the way he liked it. Introducing one of his long thick fingers into it, he found it also to be tight and wet the way he loved it. Adding yet another finger to the mix he mimicked the rhythm of her mouth’s up and down descent on his rigid dick with his in and out finger thrusts. The sensation was delicious, and it prompted Hope to wiggle uncontrollably on his now wet hand.

Unable to take it a millisecond longer, Hopebegged for more. “Bite my nipples!”

John grabbed her by her assand pulled her to him hard, so he could suck her full breasts. Sucking one and then the other through her thin bra he drove her absolutely insane with desire. After isolating one of her hard nipples between his teeth, John chewed on it as if it was a gumdrop. Hope went crazy with desire. Gripping his stiff dick hard she rubbed it between her thighs until it pressed against the tight lips of her pussy. Powering her way away from John’s grasp she slammed down on it. John, who instinctively knew exactly what she was trying to do, thrust upward as she crashed downward. The result being his dick plunged balls to ass deep into her wet, tight pussy in one hard stroke.

Their eyes met and engaged each other as they savored thatglorious feeling and that spectacular moment. The moment when their souls knew they were specifically created for each other. They never once relinquished eye contact from that second on. It was as if their spirits were imprinting the course of their life on their hearts. Grind for grind, hump for hump and thrust for thrust, their eyes were engaged in an eerie gaze. They remained that way until their bodies exploded simultaneously and their fate and destiny instantly were forever sealed and written on the winds of time.

It was a moment they would never forget or duplicate. One month from that day John proposed, and Hope ecstatically accepted. Ninety days later they were happily married.



Five Years Later...

Hope stared emotionless at the pregnancy stick. The expression on her face said it all. John knew it was negative. Every Saturday morning, for the past two years, Hope took a pregnancy test. Every Saturday morning she bore the same blank expression on her face. He felt helpless to help her. Hope felt guilty they hadn’t been able to conceive. It was a miracle she remained as upbeat and positive about having a child. Depression and grief would have consumed a lesser woman by now, but not Hope.

John and Hopehad been happily married for over five years, yet they remained childless. They had tried everything known to man to conceive after realizing three years ago they could not conceive naturally. The fertility specialists quickly eliminated John as the cause of their infertility. John was healthy, with an above average sperm count and an extremely active libido. Unfortunately, all signs pointed to Hope. During her college years, Hope had enjoyed a very active sex life, which resulted in a couple of STDS and a few unwanted pregnancies which were promptly terminated.

The fertility doctor gave them aremarkably slim to none chance of conceiving naturally. He suggested they consider adoption or contract a surrogate. Hope was devastated and wouldn’t even consider either. She loved John, and she wanted to share this love with a child. A child which she conceived with her handsome husband the good old fashioned way.

“How about some waffles? I have a craving for some waffles, so what do you say?” John asked as he towel dried his body from his morning shower.

“Sure! Sounds good. Give me a second and I’ll make some.” She mumbled as she stared at the negative pregnancy strip as if staring at it would change the results.

“Take your time. I’ve got it. Belgian waffles are my specialty. I would love to cook a batch for you my lovely lady.” He said as he pulled on a pair of sweat pants.Hope did not respond, so John stole a quick kiss made his way downstairs to the kitchen. “Come down when you’re ready.” He yelled back.

Now of course the negative pregnancy tests weighed heavy on John’s spiritas well. Try as hard as he could, he struggled to get past their disappointment. “God I don’t ask for much... And I don’t mean to be disrespectful... But would it stop the rotation of the earth for you to allow that damn test to be positive just once? Just one damn time that’s all I’m asking for!” He vented beneath his breath as he prepared breakfast. “I fucking hate Saturday! It’s the shittiest day of the week. Most people love, love, love Saturday, but not me! Not John Sabin! I hate it!” He growled as he violently beat the waffle batter. Unbeknown to John, Hope heard every word he said.

Hopeknew John was as frustrated by her infertility as she was. He was a patient, loving, faithful man, and she was extremely lucky to have him. Even still, she knew a life without a child would destroy him and subsequently their marriage. She realized she had to do something, anything to rectify their problem, but what?

“Hey! Can I help?” She said as she instantly began to brew a pot of coffee.

“Sure! Start with the coffee and then you can whip up some of your delicious, world famous turkey and spinach omelets.” John responded as he silently prayed she didn’t hear his temporary meltdown.

“Okay, I’m on it!”

Less than fifteen minutes later they were cruising the newspaper and enjoying a delicious breakfast.

“So what’s on the agenda for the day?” John asked as he read the sports page.

“Not much. I have a hair appointment and a mani/ pedi. I don’t know do you want to go out to dinner later?”

“Not really...If it’s all the same to you, I just want to lie around the house with my hand in my pants and vegetate in front of the TV. I mean if that’s okay!”

“Sounds good to me. Maybe later... Let’s say around ten... You’ll let me stick my hands in your pants.” She snickered.

John chuckled. “Now that’s definitely a date!”

“Good! It’s a date! John can I ask you something?”

“Of course!” John folded his paper and placed it on the table to give her his undivided attention. “Ask me anything.”

“What do you think about contracting a surrogate?”

“Except that!” He chuckled. “Hope, you know I want a baby as bad as you do, but those surrogates are as coo-coo as Koko Puffs. I don’t even want to think about getting caught up in that crazy ass drama. I’d rather just adopt.”

“Baby I know, but at least with a surrogate the baby will have your DNA.”

“Hope, what difference does that make?”

“The child will be yours John, which will allow you to bond closer to him.”

“Hope, we are going to bond with our baby whether it has our DNA or not. I’ve just heard too many horror stories about surrogacy to even consider subjecting you to that just so that our baby can have my genes. No... Let’s just adopt, okay?”

“John I’ve heard far more horror stories about adoptions than surrogacy. Can you at least consider it?”

“Baby, you know I’d walk through a burning building, butt ass naked if you ask me to.... But please don’t ask me to do this. Okay? I’ll do anything else, but I have a real, real bad feeling about contracting a surrogate. Ask me to do anything else, but just not this. Okay? Please?”

Hopeknew surrogacy had been taboo for John from the very beginning. It wasn’t fair for her to force this on him, so she backed down. “You’re right. Next week I’ll do some research to find a good adoption attorney.”

John instantly sighed agigantic breath of relief. “Thank you baby! Thank you! Trust me, this is the best way to go.”


A couple of months later, John opened the door of his contemporary mansion in Charlotte, North Carolina, to discover the scent of vanilla aroma candles and a trail of fresh rose petals that lead from the front door up the massive spiral staircase to his master bedroom. A devious smile tugged at the corner of his mouth and spread quickly over his face. He was tired, and it was late. He just wanted to get a good steak in his belly and call it a night. Unfortunately, his dick did not get that memo because it rapidly expanded in his pants at the thought of what his beautiful wife Hope had in store for him.

Carelessly tossing his keys on the large polished cherry wood table in the foyer, he quickly loosened his silk tie and followed the trail of red pedals. “Hope, I’m home. Baby are you up there?” There was no answer. “What’s going on?” There was no answer. Naturally, John knew exactly what was going on.

They had tried every trick known to man to conceive to no avail. Weeks later and a ton of smoldering hot, sweaty sex later the couple was no closer to having a child than they were the day they married. The couple had turned to romantic role play to ease the stress and tension of facing a life without children. Naturally, it also helped to keep their sex life exciting and extremely active. If there was a slim chance Hope could become pregnant, John wanted to take it. The least he could do was to make love to his wife every day until it happened. Actually John loved all the fantasy and role playing. It excited him and took his love making to a whole new level.

“Hope... I’m home... Where are you....?” He teased as he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it from his pants. There was no response, so he continued along the rose bud trail that led through the French doors of their massive bedroom suite. Expecting to see Hope spread eagle across the bed naked with a long stem rose between the lips of her pussy, he was disappointed to find the bed empty. “Baby... Where are you?” There was no verbal response, but the mellow sound of soft jazz began to softly play in their bathroom. Puzzled that she had not answered him once, he noticed the trail of rose duds continued into their master bath. So, he cautiously followed the trail, not certain what or whom he’d find at the end of it. “Okay... Ready or not here I come.”

John’s breath immediately vacated his lungs in a long deep sigh of awe when he entered the room. Their bathroom had been meticulously converted into an exotic, floral oasis. Tropical plants and flowers from around the world were strategically arranged to give the large bathroom the look and feel of a beautiful secret garden. As his eyes slowly adjusted to the dimly lit room, he spotted his wife near the pool size Roman tub.

“Oh my God...” John unconsciously breathed.

Hope was entirely nude and as still as a whisper. She was posed like a beautiful, life size bronze statue. Her entire face and body had been professionally airbrushed a stunning bronze color. She wore a super long bronze curly wig which matched her skin tone flawlessly. Her large expressive brown eyes stared off into space blankly. She was a breathtaking work of art.

Not knowing what else to do, the awe struck John quickly pulled his phone from his pants pocket and fired off a succession of pictures as he babbled uncontrollably. “This is so damn unreal... Baby! Did you do all of this for me? Unbelievable! Look atyou! Who did this? Oh my God! Look at you! You’re...”

“Pissed! That’s what I am!”Hope broke character and quickly responded.

“What did I do?” John laughed as he continued to take pictures.

“I don’t have a clue what you plan to do with those pictures, but I’d better not see them on Facebook!”

“What? Why would I post naked pictures of my beautiful wife on the internet? I’m calling Hugh Hefner with these!”

“You’re an idiot!” Hope snickered as she tried to take the camera phone from him. “Okay stop! Cut the camera off. You’re spoiling the whole ambience.”

“Okay... Okay... Okay... Just one more picture. Strikeyour pose one more time and let me get a shot of you in the garden, and I’ll put it away.”

“Okay... One more picture and then you’re mine!”

“Absolutely!” John quickly agreed as he backed back for the wide angle shot.

“Hell! Okay! I spent all day setting this up. Three more shots! Make them quick and don’t forget to get a close up of my face in one.”

“No problem, because I’m pretty sure I am about to ruin your makeup!” He chuckled as the site of his wife’s spectacular nude frame caused his manhood to restlessly stir in his slacks. Firing off his last shot he replied, “Okay I’m done. Now tell me what you want me to do.”

“Okay! This is a tropical paradise you happen to stumble upon. The tub is an inviting pool that entices you to strip naked and get in. I’m a beautiful statue that magically comes to life the moment she sees you. Just play it by ear from there.”

“Got it! I’m on it! I’ll go back out and come in again.”

“Okay! Let me get back in position.”Hope giggled.

Moments later John slowly entered the bathroom. He pretended to be astounded as he took in the sites and admired the tropical foliage. Stopping at the statue called Hope, he gently moved a curl from her face and softly kissed her on her lips. She remained motionless although his kiss touched her deeply. Craving more he decided to stay in character and turned his focus to the Roman tub. Hope had filled the tub with rose petals and floating candles. Slipping his clothes off slowly, John prepared to get in but not before taunting and teasing the beautiful bronze lady.

John had a spectacular body. He was anattorney who took immense pride in his appearance. He worked out at least four times a week, and it showed. Tall at six foot two he had a long, lean muscular build with dark hair and piercing blue eyes. His grooming ritual was thorough if not methodic and he had not a single strand of body hair. His body was smooth, tan, muscular and just slightly shy of stunning.

Blessed and highly favored John was the proud owner of a big, thick, rock hard dick that would make any woman’s mouth water for a lick. Stroking it slowly he stared aimlessly at the inviting pool of water. His eyes closed briefly as the sensation of his own hand slowly took him to his happy place. Without a care in the world he slow stroked his hard manhood with a firm and persistent hand.

Hope, who had assumed a statuses position, watched in agony as John continued to please himself. Her nipples drew tighter and prickled. They were now tight and hard, and she wanted desperately to squeeze them. Unfortunately, she was a lifeless statue, and that wasn’t an option. Besides, her breasts were the least of her problems. Without warning, her clit swelled and peeked from its protective hood just as her pussy began to thump and swallow. John was driving her insane, and she couldn’t take it a second longer.

Leaving her platform, she slowly approached John and kneeled at his feet. His eyes opened to find her perched there. He smiled as he watched her eyes glaze over with lust. He knewHope wanted what was in his hands and he had no intention of making it easy for her. John wasn’t sure if in this particular fantasy world statues could speak, but he planned to make this one beg before the night was over.

Hope'seyes quickly became mesmerized by the precise, persistent motion of John’s hand. It seemed to glide effortlessly up and down his ten inch stalk with the grace and ease of a swan floating gracefully across a beautiful lake. Licking her lips, she moved in for a taste. John paused briefly to allow her to lick the pre cum from his tip but continued to pleasure himself, teasing her with every single stroke.

Confused,Hope leaned in for another lick, but John didn’t allow it. Squeezing her breasts and tugging hard on them for relief she made another attempt but was quickly rejected. Horny, frustrated and desperate for a taste, she slapped his hand away, grabbed his massive dick and shoved it into her greedy mouth. A deep groan escaped John’s throat as she sucked his hardness deep down into hers. His eyes rolled to the back of his head, and a sexy smile kissed his handsome face as he contemplated just how much he loved this woman.

Hopewas a gorgeous woman of any age, but at thirty-five she was magnificent. She was an avid palates fanatic and enjoyed yoga, aerobics and tai-chi, as well. She committed herself to living and eating right and taking good care of her body, and it paid off. She was of average stature, but her tight, curvaceously body was toned and tight in all the right places. Soft, deep cocoa color,flawless, blemish free skin, a brilliant bright smile and large brown doe like eyes highlighted her stunning face. While long dark hair that cascaded over her elegant shoulders like a waterfall, framed it like a beautiful curtain.

In complete awe of her beauty and her mastery offellatio, John reached out and fondled her rigid nipples, rubbing them between his fingertips before squeezing her heavy full breast. It molded in his hands like soft pizza dough, and he gently kneaded it with his long slender fingers. Hope moaned, and continued to suck his fullness in and out of her mouth while she played with her clit. John’s passion quickly spiraled into overdrive as he watched her pleasure herself in front of him.

Lifting her by her small waist, he pulled her body up to him and kissed her passionately.Hope’s toned legs effortlessly entwined around his waist as her arms laced around his neck. Her tongue danced with his as he fondled her round bronze booty. His manhood had reached full erection at this point, and he had to have her. Spreading the hairless lips of her wet pussy with his thick dick, he entered her and filled her until she gasped. Pausing momentarily to allow her to adjust to his girth, his eyes met hers and endured her alluring glare. Seconds later, he thrust himself fully into her as he simultaneously bit her bottom lip.

“Ohyesssss!” Hope groaned loudly with a throaty groan as John’s humongous dick threatened to split her tight pussy in half. “Harder, faster, harder!” She screamed as her release rolled along her back and exploded in her pussy like the first atomic bomb. “Oh God... I’m coming! I’m coming!” She yelled as her body stiffened in his arms and her orgasm blazed over her like an out of control brush fire.

“Stay with me baby!We have a little bit further to go! I’m almost there!” John assured her as he widened his stance, bent his knees and slammed his rock hard dick balls deep with every thrust. “Damn your pussy’s tight! I love it! And I love you!”

John’s orgasm pressed hard against him causing him to pump faster and faster and faster until he lost timing and his stroke became short and erratic. “FUCK! This feels so damn good!" he screamed as he came hard and fast. Grunting and groaning and moaning he continued to hammer her until thevery last drop of his seed dripped from her wet pussy.

Sate and content for the moment the lovers slipped into the relaxing bath and relaxed. Gathering his beautiful wife into his arms, John kissed her lips softly. “I love youHope Sabin and nothing or no one on this planet will ever change that.”

Hopesmiled as she discreetly wiped a tear from the corner of her eye and snuggled closer to her handsome husband. “I love you too!”

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the betrayed by igor ljubuncic
a deadly bouquet by janis harrison
a shining light by judith miller