Valentine's day romance: finding love (page 3)

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On the cab ride back to the hospital, Rebecca phoned Mike. It rang a few times and then went to voicemail.Ugh, I shouldn’t have called him.She hung up the phone without leaving a message.I need to let it go and just focus on Jonathan and helping him get back to full health.


Arriving at the hospital, she took the elevator up to the second floor where Jonathan’s room was. Stepping off the elevator, she saw Stacy enter into his room.What’s she doing here?Rebecca’s stomach tightened.She has some nerve showing up today after I spent all night and morning with him!Quietly, Rebecca made her way to Jonathan’s room and the door was open. Leaning up against the wall, Rebecca listened in on Stacy and Jonathan.


“Hey…” Jonathan said in a shallow voice. He was weak and unable to speak very loudly without hurting the broken rib. Stacy began crying. “Don’t cry… please, don’t cry…” Jonathan said.


“How can’t I? We just broke up but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you still… and you could’ve died…” Stacy said sniffling. Her crying subsided a few moments later. “Wait… what were you doing at Raze? Who were you there with?”


“Stacy…” He said quietly. “Do we have to talk about this right now?” He let out a moan as he cringed in pain.


“You were there with her, weren’t you?” She said sharply.She knows about me and him?


“I don’t know what to say…” Jonathan responded.Is he going to tell her the truth or is he going to just coward again? Ugh…Rebecca was about to turn and leave when she heard Jonathan continue. “Rebecca…” Rebecca stopped and listened. “… is the one I long for Stacy… as much as it…” Cringing in pain he grabbed his side and let out a moan. “…as much as it pains me to tell you that… It’s the truth.” Rebecca’s heart fluttered with joy. Stacy began to cry again as she stomped away from the bed. Rebecca darted down the hall when she heard Stacy approaching and hid behind a corner as she watched Stacy stroll by.


Going into the room after Stacy was out of sight, Rebecca’s eyes were filled with tears. “You told her the truth,” she said smiling as she hugged him delicately.


“Of course I did… She’s known of my interest in you for a while.” Jonathan figured out she had been eavesdropping and became angry. “Why would you listen in on us like that? You shouldn’t eavesdrop on people!” Rebecca looked down saddened by his anger. “I’m sorry… You just… You upset me sometimes Rebecca. You have a one track mind and do as you please.” Relaxing his face, he returned to the topic at hand, “Like I was saying… She’s known I’ve had a thing for you for a while, why do you think she was so suspicious that night you and I hung out?”


“I’m sorry… I just can’t help myself if I walk into a situation. I was at the door and I stopped. I’m not trying to cause problems. That makes sense about her being suspicious now that you mention it,” Rebecca said smiling before it turned to a frown. “I don’t want to be your rebound though Jonathan and that’s what it feels like I am turning into.”


Sitting up, Jonathan grabbed his side in pain and squinted hard as he huffed to get his breathing normal. “You wouldn’t be my rebound. I was interested in you before Stacy… I just didn’t think you had feelings for me.”


“We flirted all the time...”


“Yeah?” Grabbing his side in a wave of pain he laid back down looking up at the ceiling. Once it subsided, he continued, “I thought it was just exactly that, flirting. You have always been dating other guys and doing this and that…I thought you didn’t have anyrealinterest until you tried to kiss me the other night. After that night of talking and sharing how I felt about life, I felt a connection to you like I haven’t felt before.”


“Oh…?” Rebecca said walking over to the hospital window. She looked down below as she watched two men in black suits walk from the parking lot.They seem dressed up for just a hospital visit.Rebecca shrugged it off and asked Jonathan, “How long do you have to be in here for?”


“They said they want to keep me in through the weekend to monitor me and then will release me Monday. Sometime today, a couple lawyers will be coming about a settlement with Raze.” Just then the two men Rebecca had spotted walking in from the parking lot came into the hospital room.


“Mr. Bateman?” One man with slicked back black hair asked taking off his shades. He looked at Jonathan and then glanced at Rebecca for a moment.


“That’s me… Are you the lawyers from Raze?” Jonathan asked trying to sit up while wincing in pain. One of the lawyers held out his hand trying to stop Jonathan from hurting himself further.


“Sir… please,” he said in a low tone. His voice was deep and masculine which didn’t match his scrawny figure at all. The first lawyer looked at Rebecca while asking Jonathan, “Is this your wife?”


Jonathan laughed, “No, not at all.”Rude.The first lawyer nodded back at the door to indicate Rebecca should leave. Rebecca kissed Jonathan on the forehead and retreated out of the room.


Listening at the door, Rebecca heard the Lawyers ask about what sort of settlement Jonathan was after with the Raze establishment.


“I just need my medical covered and this not to happen to anyone again…”


“What about pain and suffering?”


“No. I think keeping customers safe would be fine. They need to have more safety equipment involved. One more thing, I also want to be able to jump again once I’m done healing.”


“That’s really not a good idea Mr. Bateman… Look at what happened to you.”


“I know what happened to me!” Jonathan snapped and triggered a wave of pain in his side, he moaned in pain for a moment before continuing, “I want to do it. I need to do it.”


“This is an odd request, but given the fact you aren’t trying to sue their pants off for damages, I think we might be able to get it done. Was there anyone there with you at the restaurant?”


“Rebecca, the girl that was in here a few minutes ago.”


“Okay. Hey Steve, could you grab her from the hallway?” The first lawyer asked his buddy that tagged along with him. Rebecca backed up from the door.


“You can come back in, we have a few questions to ask you,” Steve said motioning her in from the hallway.


“Rebecca, I’m Dean. Could you tell me what happened at the restaurant?” The first lawyer asked.


“We just had been seated and the waitress… I think they called them experience enhancers or something? She asked if we wanted to dive and Jonathan agreed. Next thing I know he was up on the cliffs in line to jump into the pool from the waterfall.”


“Did you see the actual accident?”


“I did. He was about to jump when he slipped and hit his head on the railing and tumbled down the waterfall and into the pool.”


“Thank you,” Dean said as he finished taking notes of what Rebecca said. “Could you excuse us as we finish up with Jonathan?” Rebecca’s phone began to vibrate, it was Mike calling.


“Sure, I will see you later Jonathan!” Rebecca said walking out of the room. She could hear Jonathan in the background say bye as she answered her phone.


“Hello?” Rebecca said answering as she headed for the elevator.


“Hey…” Mike said quietly. He didn’t sound like himself like he did on their date. He sounded a bit tormented, which Rebecca found a little annoying since they had only been on a single date.


“Don’t sound like someone ran over your dog…” Rebecca said un-amused.


“I’m sorry… Can we talk?” Mike asked. Rebecca looked back at Jonathan’s hospital room door as she debated on what to do. Feeling really bad about lying to him, she thought, a talk can’t hurt. Plus she still felt something even Christina picked up on that by just her talking about him.


“Sure, when?” Rebecca asked quickly as she pushed the elevator button to take her to the first floor.


“Now?” Mike asked.


“Ok. Where?”


“I’m working on grading some projects right now… Could you find a way over to the college?”


“Sure,” Rebecca said quietly matching his tone. “I’ll be there soon.” Hanging up, she couldn’t help but feel her heart flutter a little bit at the prospect of seeing him again.



Walking up to the counter at MCC, she found nobody was working in reception.Makes sense, it is Saturday.Looking around for some kind of sign, she found a hanging sign pointing down the hall nearby that read:Student Art Gallery.Hmm… Wonder if he’s down there? His classroom must be around there somewhere.Venturing down the hall, she found her way to the art gallery.


The door was cracked, so she pushed it open. Paintings, sculptures and other pieces of art sat throughout the large and spacious room. Glancing around, she didn’t see Mike anywhere. Slowly walking along the outside of the room, she began looking at different paintings. She started with the watercolor pieces and worked her way through the acrylics. She stopped when she got to a piece that caught her eye. It was a brightly colored painting of a woman. The backdrop was a rich red that made the woman’s face that was painted on it pop off the canvas. She looked powerful, stunning and her hair flowed in yellows, oranges and hints of blue.Amazing.


“You like that piece?” Mike said behind her without her noticing him enter the room.


“It’s beautiful…” she said as she stared at it in admiration.


“It’s called The Independent Woman. The light you can see as it splits on her left and right side,” Mike motioned his hand over the woman in the painting as he continued, “It represents the struggle between her good and evil natures. The red backdrop,” He motioned to the areas you could see blue run through the red, “Is also blue… and represents the blood, sweat and tears that helped get her to where she is today.”


“Wow…” Rebecca was enthralled with the painting even more hearing the story behind it.That is me, this painting is so me.“How much for it? Can I buy it?” Looking around the outside of the paining she looked for a price.


“It’s not for sale…” Mike said. She spotted the artists name below the painting.


“Shawna Knightly…” Rebecca turned around to Mike with a smile. “We’ll see if it’s not for sale. It’s an amazing piece and I want it.” Rebecca pulled out her phone and looked up at Mike, “What’s her number? Can you get that for me?”


Mike shook his head, “That’s not something I have access to.” Rebecca plugged the name Shawna Knightly into her phone.I’ll track her down then.Looking back at the painting, Rebecca admired it one more time before turning back around to Mike. Letting out a big breath, Rebecca looked at Mike with a smile.


“So what do you want to talk about Mike?” Rebecca asked.


“The other night…” He said letting his words slip away. Rebecca put her hand on his arm. She felt warmth shoot up through her body upon touching his arm.


“I lied… about work… It wasn’t your fault, I should have just told you the truth,” Rebecca said.


“No, I was in the wrong. I didn’t have any right to get upset. We only went on one date and we weren’t even together.”


“Yeah… that is true,” Rebecca said.


“I just felt… this connection the other night on our date. It felt so strong, so real… I loved that feeling and thought it was a mutual feeling between us… I just assumed and that was my bad.”


“I see…” Rebecca responded.I felt it also… but I don’t want to get in a relationship with him and screw stuff up with Jonathan. I like Jonathan, I’ve liked Jonathan for a while now.Rebecca saw the hope in Mike’s eyes.


“You feel it too? Don’t you?” Mike asked getting closer to Rebecca and holding onto her arms softly. Rebecca stayed quiet but Mike could see through her silence and see her feelings were the same. “You don’t have to hide Rebecca… This is real, I can feel it. This is what we both have been waiting for…I don’t know what you have with that other guy, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is US. You and me, let’s see where this takes us, don’t promise the other guy anything, give me an equal chance with you, please.”


Feeling like the walls were closing in on her, Rebecca needed to get out of there quickly. She has wanted Jonathan forever and that’s who she wants now. Rebecca turned sharply with agitation. “I got to go.” Rebecca stormed out of the art gallery and headed down the hallway. Chasing after her, Mike caught up behind Rebecca.


“Rebecca! Stop! Give us a chance! Please!” Rebecca stopped and turned around shaking her head with a sarcastic chuckle.


“That’s the problem Mike, you think there is an ‘us’ and there is not one.” Rebecca left him in the hall and made her way out to the sidewalk of the college.


Calling a cab, she took it back to the hospital. Not sure what she was feeling, she needed to get Mike out of her head and focus on Jonathan.


Getting back to the hospital room that Jonathan was in, Rebecca peeked around the door to see Stacy was back at his bedside.Great, another ill fated attempt to swoon the man that is so obviously into me.Leaning her back against the wall, she listened in on them.


“Come on Jonathan, you know it’s true…” Stacy said.Wonder what that’s about?Continuing her prying ear, she heard Jonathan speak.


“It might be true… It might even make perfect sense, but I can’t believe it. I won’t believe it. Rebecca wouldn’t do that.”What? Stacy’s trying to peg me for something?


“I know what I saw Jonathan… Hate to say it, but she’s just not that into you.”That’s it! I’m not going to stand here and listen to this stupid girl run her mouth.Waltzing into the room, Rebecca slammed the door behind her.


“What are you doing here? Get away from him with your lies!” Rebecca said snarling at Stacy. Jonathan sat up in the bed, he appeared to be in less pain than before.


“You were eavesdropping on us?” Jonathan shook his head.


“Told you Jonathan! This woman is a manipulative and mean woman looking out only for herself.” Stacy smiled at Rebecca thinking she had won.


“Says the woman who whored her way right out of a relationship with one of the best guys I know.” Rebecca had enough being passive towards Stacy and finally had ripped into her.


Stacey didn’t say another word as she got up from his bedside and left the room in utter humiliation. Rebecca knew Stacy had no defense. Rebecca ran up to Jonathan’s bedside and grabbed onto his arm.


“What did she say I did?” Rebecca asked curiously with a look of fury in her eyes.


“Rebecca…” Jonathan said looking down.


“What did she tell you Jonathan? Did she tell you about Mike? Is that it?”


Jonathan looked confused at Rebecca.


“What about Mike? That date? I thought you and that guy were done after I saw you the other night…”Dang it, she didn’t tell him about Mike? If it’s not Mike, it had to be some stupid lie, and now I have a new hole I dug myself into.


“I went and saw him today…” Rebecca said looking down. Jonathan leaned forward and rubbed his forehead.


“After I’ve expressed myself as I have? What… you just left here and went and saw him?” Jonathan smacked his hand down on the bed and triggered a wave of self inflicting pain that forced him to grab his side.


“He wanted to talk and I figured it wasn’t harmful…”


“Well… I’m interested in you… and you went and spoke with another man? How could you do that to me?” Rebecca pulled back from Jonathan.


“What do you mean ‘do this to you’? I hope you are kidding right now. I just spent all night and morning with you after your accident and you think I got some stupid thing going on with another dude?”


“Ok. I’m sorry… I just don’t like the idea of you with other men… It’s over right?”


“Definitely. What was it Stacysupposedlytold you about me?”


“She got in my head. I don’t believe it. She thinks you only showed interest in me because of the Little Greenhouse article series… you knew it was coming up because of some lady Christina over at the Little Greenhouse Shop on Division. She even saw you with her at lunch today.”


“Ahhh… I see… Christina and I do go back, but we don’t hardly ever talk anymore. I wouldn’t ever discuss business or do anything like that…” Jonathan motioned Rebecca to come back over to his bedside and hugged her.


“I knew I could trust you,” He said smiling. “So can… we… you know… be officially together?” Rebecca figured he was right about her not being a rebound and Mike was out of the picture now, she smiled at him.


“Yeah. We can be together. No marriage right?” She asked.


“No,” He laughed. “I’m not ever getting married! Why would anyone ever waste money on a marriage license when they can just have an agreement between themselves?”


“I know right? Marriage is absurd,” Rebecca said. Jonathan grabbed his nurse call button and rang it. “What are you doing?” asked quickly.


“We need some champagne or wine! We need to celebrate this moment!” He smiled at Rebecca leaning in and kissing her. The nurse came in asking what they needed. “We need a bottle of champagne or wine… whatever the best you have in stock!”


“Sir, this is a hospital… we don’t have that kind of thing here.” Jonathan glared at her.


“Come on… You have to keep something around here,” Jonathan said lowering his head as he tried to persuade her with his smile. A smile snuck onto her face. “That’s a girl, go grab us a couple drinks and we will keep it quiet.” The nurse quickly disappeared out of sight for a moment and returned with two hospital plastic cups with a little bit of beer in each of them.


“That’s the best I can do,” She said with a smile. Jonathan nodded and returned the smile.


“Thank you,” Jonathan said. The nurse left the room and Jonathan turned his attention to Rebecca handing her a cup. “As we were discussing, I totally agree about marriage. It’s absurd. I have plans for my life, I can’t let myself get tied down to a woman like that or I’d be restricting myself.” Rebecca looked away for a moment.He does want to do his own thing… I wonder if he’s just going to leave. Where would that leave us I wonder...Jonathan raised his cup to Rebecca’s and said, “Cheers!”


“Are you still… going to quit and do your own thing?” Rebecca asked running her finger up and down his arm.


“For sure,” Jonathan said confidently. Glancing around the hospital room Rebecca found it hard to believe that he was going anywhere, she flashed him a smiled.




“Ha… I don’t know, but getting out of here is my first priority. That reminds me, The Raze said to come back on the 14thof next month; they said they’ll help me do the plunge. Giving the fact it’s the third of January, I’m thinking that’s plenty of time. So plan on that being our Valentine’s Day dinner,” He motioned her to lean down and he kissed her as he pushed her hair behind her ear. Smiling as they locked lips, Rebecca felt like she was right where she wanted to be.


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